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    Lots of WCBB fans are looking at some of the teams and speculating the depth at each position. i wanted to try and do that with the Lady Tigers. It is a tough proposition because many of the LTs were not playing consistently last year mostly due to injury...never the less here are my thoughts:

    POINT GUARD : Temeka Johnson (Kisha James, Scholanda Dorrell)

    SHOOTING GUARD :Doneeka Hodges (Scholanda Dorrell, Seimone Augustus, Kisha James, Patty Hanten)

    SMALL FORWARD : Seimone Augustus (Roneeka Hodges, Scholanda Dorrell, Wendlyn Jones)

    POWER FORWARD : Aiysha Smith, (Seimone Augustus, Ke-Ke Tardy, Roneeka Hodges, Wendlyn Jones, Tillie Willis)

    Center :Detrina White (Aiysha Smith, Crystal White, Treynell Clavelle)

    I underlined folks who may have played this position last year and could be in the starting lineup this next year. What is nice about this team is that there are so many experienced players involved that various combinations can be used to match up with different style games. I think that by the time SEC season starts, Augustus will be starting. Lots of minutes to go around save that in order to be hitting it on all cylinders, i think that Johnson has to be in at point guard.

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