just got back from baton rouge

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    It was awesome. I met a bunch of bowl officials. They were asking us where the players went in at while we were waiting for the band to come down the hill in front of the locker room. I saw some dudes dragging a pig's head by the stadium kicking it yelling tiger bait. I swear there seemed to be almost no hogs fans there. I only got in about 8 tiger baits. I lost my voice screaming BEFORE halftime. I thought I was gonna take some pictures of the game. BULLSHIT. My first shot was when alexander recovered for a touchdown. I was jumping up and down not even looking thru the viewfinder. I abandoned that effort quickly. My ass never left the seat once. It was cold as hell to. My last game I attended was when georgia came when quincy carter was there. We lost it sucked. The hogs fans I did meet at then game seemed to concede that we were awesome.

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