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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Vincent4Heisman, Sep 30, 2006.

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    As we all know, Tiger Stadium in the morning isn't nearly what it is at night.

    The crowd was loud and it seemed like everyone was into the game. The one thing I did notice, and I've said it all year, this team fights for everything. Every defensive play there are 9 to 10 guys around the ball EVERY TIME. They finish the play, they finish it quickly and with a nasty disposition. There was some serious hitting going on. Not many arm tackles.

    It's different seeing this team in person than on TV. In person, you can really see how weak our run game is, but that's all I'm going to say about that. The passing game is just wide open... It's unbelievable how good Jamarcus Russell is, how talented he is. Our receivers too. Doucet has grown into a good receiver, Bowe catches pretty much everything within a 5 to 7 foot radius and Buster Davis sneaks around and comes up out of nowhere for big receptions. Wow is all I can say.

    As usual, we had a great time, it's hard not to at an LSU football game. Great people, great food and great football. It was really great to walk by all the tailgaters and see Miss. St. folks enjoying food and drink. It makes me realize that the good LSU stories far out number the bad.

    As I come from Lafayette, I couldn't help but notice that after the delay with the stadium half as full as it was at the start (still more people than at a ULL game), the crowd that was still there was louder than a normal ULL game...

    Geaux Tigers! Beat Florida!
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    im sorry but i was terribly dissapointed in the crowd. not only did no section ever get filled, nor was there as many people there as tulane, but we were down to maybe 20-30k after the storm.

    it was absolutely pathetic.

    not only do we have to deal with people calling miles dinardo, but they leave after the first half anyway. i know i certainly wouldn't want to play for those types of fans if i were a recruit.
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    dinardo would give his left nut to be miles. shut the **** up.
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