Kenny Hilliard to return to LSU for his senior season

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    Hilliard will probably start knowing Leslie.
  2. shane0911

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    Well he is a Sr.
  3. ParadiseiNC

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    He's one of those ones, the more carries he gets, the better. With LF in the mix, that may not happen. He will benefit, however, from a hopefully improved OL coach, but of course there are the departures there, too.
  4. Rouxleaux

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    This is so true! Also something that grinds my gears a little. Lets face it all of these kids are getting a chance of a lifetime, not to go to the NFL and make millions, but to get a FREE EDUCATION! 90% of them get half way done and say forget it. The NCAA really needs to institute a rule saying you have stay until the end of your junior year until you can go pro. Hell look at the great majority of the kids going to the NFL, some make it and have a long life span in the pros. However many blow through their money and then are stuck with what? No education, flipping burgers. Then there are the majority (I hate to say maybe like Blue) who think they can go out early and dont get picked up and then they are where? No education, flipping burgers. Every once and a while there is that smart and lucky kid who does well and doesn't blow through their money and has something to show for his time in the NFL. The exception to the rule in my opinion.

    I was once told, by someone much smarter than I, that "an education is something no one can take away from you". Even if these kids go for a freaking kinesiology degree, technically they can do something with that. Without that little piece of paper they can't get many places. That is the absolute truth. It really is a shame to me that so many of these kids don't see that.
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  5. lsu99

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    Kenny Hilliard has had some flashes during his LSU career but never consistent touches. Given how highly recruited he was out of HS and the motivation he must be feeling for his final year at LSU (and possible NFL future), I think the best is yet to come. He may not be "the guy" next year but I predict that he will be a big factor in at least one big win.
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  6. ParadiseiNC

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    i sure hope so, but would not count on it. If CCC is sold on him, then maybe. With JH leaving, it sure opens the door, but LF may have something to say about it.
  7. lsu_dane

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    I remember Hilliard as a freshman just being a beast. I truly hope for him he blows up this year and I appreciate his dedication to getting his degree.
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  8. shane0911

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    He will if given the chance. Hilliard is a bruiser. Getting 1 carry here or 1 there isn't going to do it. Once he trucks a LB or CB once or twice they won't be so "ready" to stand in there and get trucked a 3rd time. He will produce if given the right amount of carries. Unfortunately, he won't be allowed that opportunity.
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    LSU is known for getting a number of backs in the mix, keeping them fresh. Don't see that changing. LF will be brought in slowly. It's great to have Magee and Hilliard returning. Great transition of the position. Nice ring to it.
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  10. gyver

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    They can take what you have by they can never take your education. Good luck Kenny!
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