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    Ok, as the Tiger fans start talking dancing in March madness, I'm sitting here listening to the "talking heads" on ESPN College GameDay recap. The talking heads tonight are Steve Lavin (anyone wanting him as a Brady replacement? :hihi: He's available.) and Doug Gottlieb. They've mentioned a few SEC tidbits (including the fact that 'Bama seals their fate as a tourney bound team with their win vs. the Gators, and the fact that Kentucky remains on the bubble needing to win one of its last two games), as well as an interesting "list" for teams having success advancing in post-season play:

    NCAA Experience - need guys who have played in the tourney and lead you down the stretch.
    Crunch time performer - someone who's a "game breaker" and who is either super talented or your go to guy.
    March Momentum/emotion - teams that are playing well in the recent 10 games or so or playing with alot of emotion.
    Ability to Dictate Tempo - look out for teams with the ability to dictate tempo, either wreak "havoc" and create problems for teams (Tennessee/UAB mentioned as a team you don't want to play), or ability to play slow or fast.

    Interestingly, the talking heads also thought the SEC was an "underrated" conference, with six teams probably getting in which are playing well at the right time. Lavin also stated, LSU wouldn't be a team he'd want to be playing in the tournament with their "water buffalos" down low, Davis and Thomas. :hihi: Joe Lunardi (of ESPN "Bracketology" fame) joined the show late to talk about the top 4 seeds in each of the four regions and listed Tennessee as a 3 seed in the Oakland region, as well as LSU :)thumb: ) as a No. 3 seed in the Minneapolis region (a "hot and underappreciated" team, according to Lunardi). Word goes out to the 'Hogs also who were one of Lunardi's from "NIT" grave back to respectable tourney bound teams.

    We can talk about how each of these factors play out for LSU, but basically, we're going to be handicapped on some of them... we're going to be relying on the play of our "gamebreakers" to carry us... D.Mitch, Big Baby, Tasmin and Thomas need to be eating their Wheaties, healing up, and playing into tourney shape. The way I look at it, it'll be a learning experience for the squad and it'll be a fun ride. It's also setting the stage for NEXT year... :)

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