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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by j0nathanr0y, Mar 23, 2005.

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    This is on New Englands offical site. I find it funny how this guy dogs LSU and Randall Gay, but Randall Gay pretty much shut down Owens in the super bowl and all the other LSU players have done good too.

    When is Bill Belichick going to get the clue that the LSU players are not that good. During the Colts game, I hear the announcer say, "and Randall Gay has just entered the game" and boom touchdown Colts. Why does he feel that players from LSU are going to be more than just decent backups?
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    First of all, Gay is a backup. He is a young player with some raw ability who earned his way onto the roster by making plays in training camp and preseason. Aren’t you being a little hard on an undrafted rookie free agent? Second, I don’t remember him giving up a touchdown in the Colts game. He came in and the Colts had the long pass play near the end of the game, but it didn’t result in a touchdown. And as far as making broad generalizations about LSU – come on! If I am not mistaken Kevin Faulk has made some pretty big plays for this team in recent years. And Jarvis Green, a former fourth-round pick, has been a solid contributor including three sacks in last January’s AFC Championship game. Late round picks and undrafted guys usually are decent backups, regardless of where they played college football. Belichick has a good relationship with LSU coach Nick Saban and knows the players come to the pros with a solid football background, including playing time in LSU’s Patriots-like defense. So until Belichick wastes a top pick on an LSU guy who flops in the NFL, just relax.
    Andy Hart
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    ok, lets see...NE has won 3 out of the last 4 superbowls and this jerk-off is questioning big bill's draft selections? WTF? i'd say that by this point, BB knows a thing or two about what he's doing!

    if you post on that site (not even sure if it's a forum), kindly inform this tool that gay was in many ways a saving grace of the battered and torn NE secondary! the guy came up just HUGE on a lot of critical plays en route to SB39.
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    I would guess that guy asked that question before Gay was thrust into the starting role and helped lead the PATS to another Super Bowl title.
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    If you think about it, it really was an ingenious system Saban-Belichick had where star LSU defensive players had a leg up on other rookies because of their experience in the system, and I think it was a major factor in Randall getting a spot on the roster and having success and being productive. Same thing for Jarvis Green.

    If someone has to reach that far to criticize BB, then BB is doing a damn good job.

    I disagree that Randall owned Owens. Owens was the star of the game and was dominating Randell and Samuel. He had over 100 yards receiving on a gimp ankle.
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    he had half his yards on an illegal pick and also was given the underneath route once they had the lead. he was still very impressive as he often is.
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    well the reason owens got all the yards he did was because gay was giving him a 10 - 15 yard cushion so owens got a lot of 10 yards short passes, some of them he turned into bigger plays

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