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    i always thought the Louisiana public schools had the advantage over Louisiana private schools when it comes to football (a sport that requires a much larger number of players than other sports)... because private schools have higher academic standards (they make you take an entrance test to get in etc), so they are harder to get into (and it's harder to get someone who is both a top student and a top football player over someone who is just a top football player). plus, private schools are expensive, while public schools are free (it's harder to get someone who can afford the tuition and is a top football player over someone who is just a top football player). i don't think private schools are allowed to offer scholarships, for example, this is from the Louisiana High School Athletic Association:

    If student has been recruited to your school for athletic purposes, the student will remain ineligible as long as he/she attends your school.

    and this is from Dominican High School in New Orleans, a private school:
    "Dominican High School supports the policies of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. In doing so, Dominican High School may not promise or offer athletic scholarships of any kind. Violations may result in loss of eligibility for the student, coach and/or school."

    looking at State Championship games in football, you can see that at the 4A and 5A levels, the public schools are much more successful.

    the private schools are in bold

    also, note, that of the 56 appearances by private schools in the Championship Game since 2000, 41.1% of those appearances (23) are by John Curtis (13) or Evangel (10)

    5A Championship Game
    2012 -- Rummel 35, Barbe 14
    2011 -- West Monroe 20, Carencro 13
    2010 -- Acadiana 21, West Monroe 14
    2009 -- West Monroe 30, Rummel 0
    2008 -- Destrehan 14, West Monroe 3
    2007 -- Destrehan 41, Acadiana 21
    2006 -- Acadiana 13, Sulphur 10
    2005 -- West Monroe 28, Acadiana 7
    2004 -- Evangel 21, West Monroe 20
    2003 -- Hahnville 41, Evangel 35
    2002 -- Evangel 35, West Monroe 4
    2001 -- Evangel 34, West Monroe 27
    2000 -- West Monroe 35, Shaw 7

    4A Championship Game
    2012 -- Edna Karr 29, Neville 22
    2011 -- Neville , Edna Karr
    2010 -- Franklinton 34, Edna Karr 2
    2009 -- Neville 31, Franklinton 15
    2008 -- Belle Chase 28, Shaw 7
    2007 -- Bastrop 38, Shaw 14
    2006 -- Bastrop 28, Shaw 14
    2005 -- Bastrop 41, Breaux Bridge 12
    2004 -- John Curtis 29, Northside 14
    2003 -- Redemptorist 12, John Curtis 7
    2002 -- John Curtis 16, O.P. Walker 14
    2001 -- John Curtis 30, Baker 0
    2000 -- Salmen 31, John Curtis 28

    3A Championship Game
    2012 Parkview Baptist 42, Notre Dame 7
    2011 St.Charles Catholic 9, Amite 8
    2010 Parkview Baptist 24, Patterson 20
    2009 Notre Dame 14, Parkview Baptist 7
    2008 Lutcher 17, Notre Dame 0
    2007 Parkview Baptist 19, Westlake 18
    2006 Lutcher 27, Independence 7
    2005 Redemptorist 13, Notre Dame 6
    2004 Amite 21, Notre Dame 14
    2003 Lutcher 15, Notre Dame 7
    2002 Redemptorist 31, Patterson 19
    2001 Parkview Baptist 61, Belle Chase 19
    2000 Notre Dame 14, Redemptorist 6

    2A Championship Game
    2012 John Curtis 35, Evangel 13
    2011 John Curtis 33, Winnfield 3
    2010 Evangel 28, John Curtis 14
    2009 Evangel 18, John Curtis 13
    2008 John Curtis 35, Evangel 14
    2007 John Curtis 28, St. James 13
    2006 John Curtis 41, St. Charles Catholic 7
    2005 John Curtis 31, St. Charles Catholic 6
    2004 West St. John 46, St. Helena Central 2
    2003 West St. John 41, Sterlington 21
    2002 Port Barre 26, Iota 7
    2001 Farmerville 20, Iota 13
    2000 Ouachita Christian 28, Riverside 14

    1A Championship Game
    2012 Ouachita Christian 20, Haynesville 8
    2011 Ouachita Christian 23, West St. John 7
    2010 White Castle 32, Ouachita Christian 20
    2009 Haynesville 19, South Plaquemines 12
    2008 South Plaquemines 62, Christian Life 16
    2007 South Plaquemines 48, West St. John 8
    2006 Evangel 24, St. John 7
    2005 Evangel 42, Opelousas Catholic 7
    2004 Dunham 42, Oak Grove 20
    2003 Vermilion Catholic 10, Kentwood 6
    2002 Port Sulphur 24, Sterlington 18
    2001 Oak Grove 35, Port Sulhur 34
    2000 Haynesville 24, Southern Lab 21
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    looking at the history of Louisiana 5A (which was created in 1991) championship games in the big three sports, you can see the private schools (bold) are much more competitive in baseball and basketball than they are in football

    FOOTBALL -- 5A Championship Game
    2012 Rummel 35, Barbe 14
    2011 West Monroe 20, Carencro 13
    2010 Acadiana 21, West Monroe 14
    2009 West Monroe 30, Rummel 0
    2008 Destrehan 14, West Monroe 3
    2007 Destrehan 41, Acadiana 21
    2006 Acadiana 13, Sulphur 10
    2005 West Monroe 28, Acadiana 7
    2004 Evangel 21, West Monroe 20
    2003 Hahnville 41, Evangel 35
    2002 Evangel 35, West Monroe 4
    2001 Evangel 34, West Monroe 27
    2000 West Monroe 35, Shaw 7
    1999 Evangel 20, West Monroe 14
    1998 West Monroe 32, Ruston 14
    1997 West Monroe 22, Shaw 19
    1996 West Monroe 24, Carencro 21
    1995 Neville 35, Hahnville 7
    1994 Hahnville 36, Ouachita 28
    1993 West Monroe 28, Destrehan 21
    1992 Carencro 28, Neville 27 (OT)
    1991 Thibodaux 18, Neville 15 (OT)

    BASKETBALL -- 5A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (winner listed first)
    2012 Scotlandville, Mckinley
    2011 St. Augustine, Scotlandville
    2010 Brother Martin, Scotlandville
    2009 Ouachita, Hahnville
    2008 Lafayette, Bourgeois
    2007 Westgate, Ellender
    2006 John Ehret, Woodlawn (BR)
    2005 Brother Martin, Thibodaux
    2004 Brother Martin, St. Augustine
    2003 Woodlawn (BR), Brother Martin
    2002 Woodlawn (BR), Southwood
    2001 Jesuit, Shaw
    2000 Shaw, Fair Park
    1999 St. Augustine, South Lafourche
    1998 South Lafourche, Slidell
    1997 Shaw, Byrd
    1996 Glen Oaks, Rummel
    1995 St. Augustine, Catholic (BR)
    1994 Byrd, St. Augustine
    1993 John Ehret, Higgins
    1992 St. Augustine, John Ehret
    1991 Cohen, St. Augustine

    BASEBALL -- 5A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (winner listed first)
    2012 Barbe, Rummel
    2011 Jesuit, Lafayette
    2010 Catholic (BR), Lafayette
    2009 Northshore, Dutchtown
    2008 Barbe, Jesuit
    2007 Jesuit, West Monroe
    2006 Barbe, Sulphur
    2005 Jesuit, Destrehan
    2004 St. Amant, Jesuit
    2003 East Ascension, Destrehan
    2002 Jesuit, Barbe
    2001 Barbe, St. Amant
    2000 Barbe, Rummel
    1999 West Monroe, Barbe
    1998 Barbe, Salmen
    1997 Rummel, Jesuit
    1996 Brother Martin, West Monroe
    1995 St. Amant, Jesuit
    1994 St. Amant Denham Springs
    1993 St. Amant Neville
    1992 East St. John, Catholic (BR)
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    I've never known of any such entrance exam requirements. I don't doubt they exist at some schools but they're not the norm, I promise.

    No they're not, legally; but they do, truthfully.

    "Shhh, we just won't tell them. "

    And you put stock in a mission statement? lmao You know how many of all those priests who molested altar boys took a vows of celibacy? ALL OF THEM. Stop being naive.
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    Public high school athletes must meet academic standards as well. Private school athletes must meet the same standards. A few private schools have higher academic standards but their athletes don't always have to meet those. Championships are about amassing talent and the private schools have learned how to do this.

    Yet impoverished students manage to find their way to elite private schools . . .
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    The poor should be banned anyway.
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    if you look at the Louisiana football players LSU signs, the private school kids (in bold) are the minority...

    WR Travin Dural (Breaux Bridge, La./Breaux Bridge HS)
    OL Derek Edinburgh Jr. (New Orleans, La./Karr HS)
    LB Ronnie Feist (Edgard, La./West St. John HS)
    LB Trey Granier (Thibodaux, La./Thibodaux HS)
    OL Jerald Hawkins (Baldwin, La./West St. Mary HS)
    WR Kavahra Holmes (Breaux Bridge, La./Breaux Bridge HS)
    ATH Lamar Louis (Breaux Bridge, La./Breaux Bridge HS)
    LB Lorenzo Phillips (Patterson, La./Patterson HS)
    CB Derrick Raymond (Metairie, La./East Jefferson HS)
    S Jerqwinick Sandolph (Boutte, La./Hahnville HS)
    CB Dwayne Thomas (New Orleans, La./O.P. Walker HS)
    TE Dillon Gordon (River Ridge, La./John Curtis HS)
    LB Deion Jones (New Orleans, La./Jesuit HS)
    RB Jeremy Hill (Baton Rouge, La./Redemptorist HS)


    S Micah Eugene (Lafayette, La./Acadiana HS)
    RB Kenny Hilliard (Patterson, La./Patterson HS)
    DT Anthony Johnson (New Orleans, La./O.P. Walker HS)
    WR Jarvis Landry (Lutcher, La./Lutcher HS)
    WR Alonzo Lewis (St. James, La./St. James HS)
    RB Terrence Magee (Franklinton, La./Franklinton HS)
    S Ronald Martin (White Castle, La./White Castle HS)
    DE Quentin Thomas (Breaux Bridge, La./Breaux Bridge HS)
    ATH Paul Turner (West Monroe, La./West Monroe HS)
    OL Corey White (Baton Rouge, La./Capitol HS)
    DE Jermauria Rasco (Shreveport, La./Evangel HS)
    OL Jonah Austin (New Orleans, La./St. Augustine HS)
    WR Odell Beckham Jr. (New Orleans, La./Isidore Newman HS)
    OL La'el Collins (Baton Rouge, La./Redemptorist HS)
    OL Trai Turner (New Orleans, La./St. Augustine HS)
    DT Mickey Johnson (Covington, La./St. Paul's HS)

    DE Jordan Allen, West Monroe, La. (West Monroe HS)
    RB Alfred Blue, Boutte, La. (Hahnville HS)
    WR Jarrett Fobbs, Shreveport, La. (Huntington HS)
    TE Nic Jacobs, Many, La. (Many HS)
    DB Eric Reid, Geismar, La. (Dutchtown HS)
    DB Tharold Simon, Eunice, La. (Eunice HS)
    WR Armand Williams, Slidell, La. (Slidell HS)
    WR James Wright, Belle Chasse, La. (Belle Chasse HS)
    DB Tyrann Mathieu, New Orleans, La. (St. Augustine HS)
    OL Elliott Porter, Waggaman, La. (Archbishop Shaw HS)
    DB Ronnie Vinson, New Orleans, La. (Newman HS)
    LB D.J. Welter, Crowley, La. (Notre Dame HS)

    LB Lamin Barrow, Marrero, La. (John Ehret HS)
    DB Josh Johns, Baton Rouge, La. (Central HS)
    ATH Morris Claiborne, Shreveport, La. (Fair Park HS)
    DT Chris Davenport, Mansfield, La. (Mansfield HS)
    DL Josh Downs, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop HS)
    DB Rockey Duplessis, Belle Chasse, La. (Belle Chasse HS)
    OL Chris Faulk, Slidell, La. (Northshore HS)
    RB Michael Ford, Leesville, La. (Leesville HS)
    LB Tahj Jones, Sulphur, La. (Sulphur HS)
    DE Bennie Logan, Coushatta, La. (Red River HS)
    LB Barkevious Mingo, West Monroe, La. (West Monroe HS)
    WR Rueben Randle, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop HS)
    OL Carneal Ainsworth, Baton Rouge, La. (Parkview Baptist HS)

    WR DeAngelo Benton, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    TE Matt Branch, Monroe, La. (Sterlington)
    DB Rockey Duplessis, Belle Chasse, La. (Belle Chasse)
    TE Tyler Edwards, Monroe, La. (Ouachita Parish)
    QB Jordan Jefferson, St. Rose, La. (Destrehan)
    WR Tim Molton, Montz, La. (Destrehan)
    DB Brandon Taylor, Franklinton, La. (Franklinton)
    WR Jhyryn Taylor, Franklinton, La. (Franklinton)
    WR Chris Tolliver, Rayville, La. (Rayville)
    WR Deangelo Peterson, New Orleans, La. (Desire Street Academy)
    DE Lavar Edwards, Gretna, La. (Desire Street Academy)
    OL Clay Spencer, Baton Rouge, La. (Parkview Baptist)
    DB Ryan St. Julien, St. Martinville, La. (Catholic-New Iberia)
    OL P.J. Lonergan, New Orleans, La. (Rummel)
    DE Chase Clement, Thibodaux, La. (E.D. White)

    DL Kentravis Aubrey, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    WR DeAngelo Benton, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    DE Will Blackwell, West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    CB Delvin Breaux, New Orleans, La. (McDonogh 35)
    LB/DB Shomari Clemons, West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    DB Stefoin Francois, Reserve, La. (East St. John)
    S Chad Jones, New Orleans, La. (Southern Lab)
    DL Drake Nevis, Marrero, La. (John Ehret)
    CB John Williams, Breaux Bridge, La. (Breaux Bridge)
    OL Josh Dworaczyk , New Iberia, La. (Catholic)
    TE Mitch Joseph, New Iberia, La. (Catholic)

    S Shomari Clemons, West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    LB Jacob Cutrera, Lafayette, La. (Acadiana)
    WR Ricky Dixon, LaPlace, La. (East St. John)
    CB Jai Eugene, Destrehan, La. (Destrehan)
    DB Troy Giddens, Hammond, La. (Hammond)
    WR Trindon Holliday, Zachary, La. (Northeast)
    DE (Pep) Lazarius Levingston, Ruston, La. (Ruston)
    WR Chris Mitchell, Marrero, La. (John Ehret)
    WR Jared Mitchell, New Iberia, La. (Westgate)
    RB Richard Murphy, Rayville, La. (Rayville)
    RB Charles Scott, Saline, La. (Jonesboro-Hodge)
    OL Mark Snyder, Kenner, La. (West Monroe)
    OL Zhamal Thomas, New Iberia, La. (New Iberia)
    RB Keiland Williams, Lafayette, La. (Northside)
    DT Al Woods, Elton, La. (Elton)

    DB Chris Hawkins, Walker, La. (Walker)
    ATH Trindon Holliday, Zachary, La. (Northeast)
    FB Steven Korte, Mandeville, La. (Fontainbleau)
    QB Ryan Perrilloux, Reserve, La. (East St. John)
    RB Antonio Robinson, Winnfield, La. (Winnfield)
    Trindon Holliday, Zachary, La. (Northeast)
    DE Al Jones (Rahim Alem), New Orleans, La. (St. Augustine)
    DT Lyle Hitt, Baton Rouge, La. (Parkview Baptist)
    LB Darry Beckwith, Baton Rouge, La. (Parkview Baptist)

    DE Charles Alexander, Breaux Bridge, La. (Breaux Bridge)
    LB Harry Coleman, Baldwin, La. (West St. Mary)
    DT Glenn Dorsey, Gonzales, La. (East Ascension)
    WR Early Doucet, St. Martinville, La. (St. Martinville)
    DT Marlon Favorite, Harvey, La. (West Jefferson)
    DE Tyson Jackson, Edgard, La. (West. St. John)
    LB Quinn Johnson, Edgard, La. (West St. John)
    TE Jeremy Jones, Gretna, La. (West Jefferson)
    OL Ryan Miller, Lake Charles, La. (Barbe)
    LB Luke Sanders,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    DB Curtis Taylor, Franklinton, La. (Franklinton)
    DT Claude Wroten, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    SNP P.J. Zimmermann, New Orleans, La. (Jesuit)
    FB Jacob Hester, Shreveport, La. (Evangel)
    OL Max Holmes, Baton Rouge, La. (Parkview Baptist)
    DB Craig Steltz, Kenner, La. (Rummel)

    RB Alley Broussard, Lafayette, La. (Acadiana HS)
    LB Dominic Cooper, New Orleans, La. (O.P.Walker HS)
    DB Jessie Daniels, Breaux Bridge, La. (Breaux Bridge HS)
    WR Craig Davis, New Orleans, La. (O.P.Walker HS)
    ATH Daniel Francis, Port Barre, La. (Port Barre HS)
    DB Daryl Johnson, New Orleans, La. (O.P.Walker HS)
    DB LaRon Landry, Boutte, La. (Hahnville HS)
    DE/LB Kirston Pittman, Reserve, La. (East St. John HS)
    DB Jonathan Zenon, Breaux Bridge, La. (Breaux Bridge HS)
    TE Keith Zinger, Leesville, La. (Leesville HS)
    PK Chris Jackson, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis HS)
    DT Jarrod Carter, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis HS)
    DB Nick Child, Metairie, La. (Rummel HS)
    OL Jerry Sevin, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis HS)
    DE Carnell Stewart, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis HS)

    DE Tory Collins, New Orleans, La. (Fortier HS)
    WR Skyler Green,Westwego, La. (Higgins HS)
    DB Troy Hankton, New Orleans, La. (Cohen HS)
    DB Blair Irvin, Patterson, La. (Patterson HS)
    WR Junior Joseph, New Orleans, La. (O.P.Walker)
    OL Nate Livings, Lake Charles, La. (Washington-Marion HS)
    DE Alonzo Manuel, Jennings, La. (Jennings HS)
    QB Lester Ricard, Denham Springs, La. (Amite HS)
    RB Justin Vincent, Lake Charles, La. (Barbe HS)
    DT Kyle Williams, Ruston, La. (Ruston HS)
    LB Lawrence Williams, Lutcher, La. (Lutcher HS)
    DE Ryan Willis, New Orleans, La. (Holy Cross HS)
    DB Jeff Cook, Rayne, La. (Notre Dame HS)
    DT Doug Planchard, Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic HS)
    DB Vernon Russell, Jr., Gramercy, La. (John Curtis HS)
    RB Jason Spadoni , Kenner, La. (John Curtis HS)
    LB Cameron Vaughn, Terrytown, La. (Shaw HS)
    OL Garett Wibel, Metairie, La. (Rummel HS)

    TE Marcus Spears, Baton Rouge, La. (Southern Lab)
    OL Andrew Whitworth,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    OL Jonathan Banks, Baton Rouge, La. (McKinley)
    LB Donovan Grayson, New Orleans, La. (Karr)
    OL Nate Livings, Lake Charles, La. (Washington-Marion)
    WR/DB Ronnie Prude, Shreveport, La. (Fair Park)
    DB Brandon Williams, Port Allen, La. (Port Allen)
    LB Phillip Maxell, Shreveport, La. (Evangel Christian)
    OL Rudy Niswanger, Monroe, La. (Quachita Christian)
    TE Kory Hebert, Lafayette, La. (Teurlings Catholic)
    DE Marquise Hill, New Orleans, La. (De LaSalle)
    DT Brandon Hurley, Monroe, La. (Quachita Christian)
    RB Shyrone Carey, New Orleans, La. (Shaw)
    WR Michael Clayton, Baton Rouge, La. (Christian Life Academy)
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    DT Jarvin Armelin, Sulphur, La. (Sulphur)
    LB Dorsett Buckels, Amite, La. (Amite)
    WR Erin Damond, Bogalusa, La. (Bogalusa)
    RB Randall Gay, Brusly, La. (Brusly)
    RB Devery Henderson. Opelousas, La. (Opelousas)
    WR Jack Hunt, Ruston, La. (Ruston)
    DB Rudy Johnson, Kentwood, La. (Kentwood)
    DT John Paul Jones, Carencro, La. (Carencro)
    LB Marvin Jones, Hammond, La. (Hammond)
    DE Chad Lavalais, Marksville, La. (Marksville)
    OL Daniel Leon, St. Martinville, La. (St. Martinville)
    OL Nate Livings, Lake Charles, La. (Wash.-Marion)
    WR Donriel Louis, Edgard, La. (West St. John)
    DB Travis Moses, Gonzales, La. (East Ascension)
    QB Marcus Randall, Baton Rouge, La. (Glen Oaks)
    LB Jarvus Ryes, Loreauville, La. (Loreauville)
    LB Lionel Turner,Walker, La. (Walker)
    WR Corey Webster, Gramercy, La. (St. James)
    LB Marcus Yanez, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    RB Derron Parquet, Metairie, La. (Rummel)
    OL Kade Comeaux, Crowley, La. (Notre Dame)

    OL Jonathan Autrey, Cecilia, La. (Cecilia)
    WR Chris Davis, Greensburg, La. (St. Helena Central)
    DB/RB Domanick Davis, Breaux Bridge, La. (Breaux Bridge)
    DE Ranny Davis, Houma, La. (H.L. Bourgeois)
    LB Treverance Faulk, Lafayette, La. (Lafayette)
    WR Ahmad Harris, Baton Rouge, La. (University)
    DB Demetrius Hookfin, Kentwood, La. (Kentwood)
    LB Bradie James,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    LB Derace James, Patterson, La. (Patterson)
    DB Prentis Jenkins,Vidalia, La. (Vidalia HS)
    DE Chad Lavalais, Marksville, La. (Marksville)
    DB Norman LeJeune, Brusly, La. (Brusly)
    OL Rodney Reed,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    QB Antron Seiber, Independence, La. (Independence)
    RB LaBrandon Toefield, Independence, La. (Independence)
    ATH Bryce Wyatt, Lake Charles, La. (Barbe)
    TE Eric Edwards, Monroe, La. (Ouachita Christian)
    P Donnie Jones, Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic)
    PK John Corbello, Lafayette, La. (St. Thomas More)
    OL Jason Daire, Eunice, La. (St. Edmund's)

    DL Kenderick Allen, Bogalusa, La. (Bogalusa)
    LB Chris Cooper, Harvey, La. (West Jefferson)
    DL Howard Green, Donaldsonville, La. (Donaldsonville)
    OL Jesse Harmon, Crowley, La. (Crowley)
    DB Damien James, Carencro, La. (Carencro)
    DL Chad Lavalais, Marksville, La. (Marksville)
    LB Jeremy Lawrence, Ferriday, La. (Ferriday)
    F-B Solomon Lee, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    LB Adam McConathy,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    RB Josh Reed, Rayne, La. (Rayne)
    WR Reginald Robinson, Shreveport, La. (Fair Park)
    OT Rob Sale, Monroe, La. (Neville)
    OG Brad Smalling,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    DB Lionel Thomas, Opelousas, La. (Opelousas)
    LB Broderick Williams, New Orleans, La. (Sarah Reed)
    OG John Young, Ruston, La. (Ruston)
    DL Byron Dawson, Shreveport, La. (Evangel)
    DE Willie Gray, New Orleans, La. (St. Augustine)
    OT Bob Wynne, New Orleans, La. (Jesuit)
    TE Zack Pendarvis, Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic)

    FB Tommy Banks,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    DB Fred Booker, Hammond, La. (Hammond)
    WR Ed Dangerfield, Morgan City, La. (Morgan City)
    TE Joe Domingeaux, Crowley, La. (Crowley)
    DE Jarvis Green, Donaldsonville, La. (Donaldsonville)
    LB Jason Green, Donaldsonville, La. (Donaldsonville)
    WR Michael Hayes, Opelousas, La. (Opelousas)
    DB Prentis Jenkins,Vidalia, La. (Vidalia)
    TE Kyle Kipps, Lafayette, La. (Comeaux)
    QB Craig Nall, Alexandria, La. (Alexandria Senior)
    OT Dwayne Pierce, New Orleans, La. (Carver)
    TE Robert Royal, New Orleans, La. (Karr)
    WR Robert Davis, Shreveport, La. (Evangel)
    LB Cisco Perkins, Shreveport, La. (Evangel)
    WR Abram Booty, Shreveport, La. (Evangel)
    DB Ryan Clark, Marrero, La. (Shaw)

    B Cecil Collins, Leesville, La. (Leesville)
    B Brandon Dale, Slidell, La. (Salmen)
    LM Trey Langley, Eunice, La. (Eunice)
    LB Scott McMurray ,West Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    LB Brandon Matthews, New Orleans, La. (Carver)
    LM Johnny Mitchell, Marrero, La. (John Ehret)
    WR Dennis Nelson, Lake Charles, La. (Wash-Marion)
    LM Alvin Puckett, New Orleans, La. (McMain)
    B Mark Roman, New Iberia, La. (New Iberia)
    QB Bryan Sparacino, Denham Springs, La. (Denham Springs)
    LB Wardell Sykes, Harvey, La. (West Jefferson)
    LM David Watkins, New Orleans, La. (Karr)
    LM Theo Williams, Marrero, La. (John Ehret)
    TE Brandon Winey, Lake Charles, La. (Wash.-Marion)
    B Damion Woods, Slidell, La. (Salmen)
    WR Nemessis Bates, New Orleans, La. (St. Augustine)
    B John Christ, Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic)
    B Clarence LeBlanc, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis)

    RB Kevin Faulk, Carencro, La. (Carencro)
    WR Larry Foster, Harvey, La. (West Jefferson)
    B Greg Hill, Mansfield, La. (Logansport)
    C Todd McClure, Baton Rouge, La. (Central)
    DT Anthony McFarland,Winnsboro, La. (Winnsboro)
    RB Rondell Mealey, Destrehan, La. (Destrehan)
    DE Arnold Miller, New Orleans, La. (Carver)
    QB Nicky Savoie, Cut Off, La. (So Lafourche)
    B Anthony Skinner, Patterson, La. (Patterson)
    LB Charles Smith, New Orleans, La. (Fortier)
    LB Markeith Spears, Zachary, La. (Northeast)
    OL Ryan Thomassie, Galliano, La. (South Lafourche)
    QB Herbert Tyler, New Orleans, La. (O.P.Walker)
    QB Clifton White, Hahnville, La. (Hahnville)
    LM Ryan Hebert, Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic)
    TE Jamal Pack, Marrero, La. (Archbishop Shaw)
    OL Naeshall Menard, Marrero, La. (Archbishop Shaw)
    LB Roshaun Matthews, Baton Rouge, La. (Christian Life)
    DT Damien Tullier, New Orleans, La. (Brother Martin)

    DB Aaron Adams, Metairie (East Jefferson)
    OL Rusty Barrilleaux, Amite (Amite)
    WR Chris Beard, Shreveport (Byrd)
    RB/SS Alja Delaney, Haughton (Haughton)
    TE/LB Chad Ducre, Mandeville (Mandeville)
    OL Eric Griffin, Galliano (South Lafourche)
    QB Melvin Hill, Mansfield (Mansfield)
    OL Brian Humke, Bossier City (Airline)
    DE Arnold Miller, New Orleans (Carver)
    PK Wade Richey, Carencro (Carencro)
    TE Edward Singleton, Cecilia (Cecilia)
    OL Lee Stromberg, Monroe (Ouachita)
    LB/DE Mike Sutton, New Orleans (Salmen)
    CB Troy Twillie, Slidell (Slidell)
    LB Trupania Bonner, New Orleans (Jesuit)
    QB Josh Booty, Shreveport (Evangel)
    LB Matt Newchurch, Thibodaux (E.D. White)
    DB Raion Hill, New Orleans (Brother Martin)
    OL Jeremy Baye, Marrero (Shaw)

    RB Derrick Beavers, Carencro, La. (Carencro)
    TE Josh Bradley, Oak Grove, La. (Oak Grove)
    DB Hunter Bullard, Bossier City, La. (Airline)
    DB Tyrone Frazier, Shreveport, La. (Woodlawn)
    DB Chris Green, Hahnville, La. (Hahnville)
    LB Furnell Hankton, New Orleans, La. (B.T.Wash.)
    LB Tim Hutton, Slidell, La. (Slidell)
    WR Eddie Kennison, Lake Charles, La. (Wash.-Marion)
    LB Brandon Michel, Lutcher, La. (Lutcher)
    LB Kenny Mixon, Pineville, La. (Pineville)
    DL Heath Panks, Slidell, La. (Salmen)
    OL Adam Perry, Covington, La. (Covington)
    LB Pat Rogers, Shreveport, La. (Fair Park)
    LB Allen Stansberry, Baton Rouge, La. (Broadmoor)
    DL Jason Stein, Luling, La. (Hahnville)
    RB/KR Jimmy Taylor, Shreveport, La. (Northwood)
    LB Chuck Wiley, Baker, La. (Southern Lab)
    RB Kevin Franklin, Baton Rouge, La. (Catholic)
    RB Jermaine Sharp, Monroe, La. (Ouachita Christian)

    OL Ben Bordelon, Mathews, La. (Central Lafourche)
    RB David Butler, Bourg, La. (South Terrebone)
    LB Mike Calais, Patterson, La. (Patterson)
    OL Marcus Carmouche, Lafayette, La. (Carencro)
    LB James Gillyard, Shreveport, La. (Woodlawn)
    DB Al Head, Amite, La. (Amite)
    TE Chris Hill, Mansfield, La. (Mansfield)
    WR Eddie Kennison, Lake Charles, La. (Wash.-Marion)
    TE David LaFleur,Westlake, La. (Westlake)
    LB Gabe Northern, Baton Rouge, La. (Glen Oaks)
    DL Ike Pullett, Baton Rouge, La. (Tara)
    SS Reggie Wilson, New Orleans, La. (John Curtis)
    QB Jamie Howard, Lafayette, La. (St. Thomas More)
    DB Tory James, Marrero, La. (Archbishop Shaw)
    OL Jeff Jenkins,West Monroe, La. (Ouachita Christian)

    DB Kimojha Brooks, DeRidder, La. (DeRidder)
    DB Todd Burks, Denham Springs, La. (Denham Springs)
    DB Tony Cole, Shreveport, La. (Byrd)
    LB Robert Deshotel, Lake Charles, La. (LaGrange)
    OL Mark King, Houma, La. (Terrebone)
    LB Jason Smothers, Destrehan, La. (Destrehan)
    OL Tom Turner, Bastrop, La. (Bastrop)
    LB Bobby Williams, Ruston, La. (Ruston)
    DB Lee Williams, Monroe, La. (Ouachita)
    DB Rodney Young, Grambling, La. (Ruston)
    TE Brandon Stelly, Opelousas, La. (Opelousas Catholic)
    OL Jerome Sterling, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis)
    DE Robert Thibodeaux, River Ridge, La. (John Curtis)
    OL Jeff Dupre, Opelousas, La. (Opelousas Catholic)

    DB Ivory Hilliard, Patterson, La. (Patterson)
    LB Brody Inzinna, Tickfaw, La. (Independence)
    RB James Jacquet, St. Martinville, La. (St. Martinville)
    TE Shawn King, Monroe, La. (West Monroe)
    DT/P Gary Kolasa, Mathews, La. (Central Lafourche)
    OL Phillip Simon, St. Martinville, La. (St. Martinville)
    QB Thomas Simon, Lake Charles, La. (Boston)
    DB Ricardo Washington, Bogalusa, La. (Bogalusa)
    RB Germaine Williams, Donaldsonville, La. (Ascencion Catholic)
    OL/P Jonny Fayard, Marrero, La. (Archbishop Shaw)
    RB/P Karl Hankton, New Orleans, La. (De La Salle)
  8. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    At least Curtis, Evangel and Parkview have. So have West Monroe, Acadiana, Destrehan, and Lutcher. All have more state titles in the last decade than any private school other than the three I mentioned.
  9. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    Yet they can do it without taking students from other districts. Why shouldn't the private schools have to play by the same rules?
  10. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    Agreed. I'm just illustrating the point that its not an epidemic problem; its only a small handful of schools that are giving all private schools a bad name. Still, suppose you did create attendance zones for private schools. There are a lot fewer private schools than there are public, so the attendance zones would be bigger.

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