Lady Tigers v Lady Lions

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    This match-up has it all...national audience viewing the game on CBS, last year's NCAA scoring leader, and the top high school recruit. Prime time opportunity.

    Penn State features Kelly Mazzante, a high scoring Junior who averaged just shy of 25 points per game last season and who has never met a shot she didn't like. At 6'0" she brings good size into the backcourt and will be paired with sophomore Tanisha Wright, who at 5'1" was the second leading scorer on the team with 10 points per game and who averaged 4 boards and managed 20 blocked shots!! These two prolific players constitute the main scorers on the team. 5'7" guard Jess Strom should also mature into a scoring option for the Tigers. She was the top percentage wise three point shooter last year.

    In the paint, the Tigers are relatively inexperienced with the two players who logged in the most time being 6'1" Jess Brungo and 6
    4" Courtney Upshaw. Brungo did average 6 points per game last year and was second on the team in rebounding with just over 4 per game. Penn State also has a couple of 6'3" players and a 6'7" player but their contributions last year were less than stellar.

    I think LSU could probably run on this team effectively. Lady Tigers have the depth (an odd concept for LSU) barring any injuries. The key will be stopping Mazzante as she is capable of beating a team on her own. That might involve rotating sevral players on her or having her double teamed and wearing her down. It may also happen through making the Lions play transitional defense and taking them out of their offensive game. LSU has the advantage at pg with Johnson. SHe is actually taller than Wright and probably a better passer. I think that LSU has the advantage in the paint. Smith is a handful offensively and Detrina White if she is healthy should provide a low post presence and a defensive capacity. Plus Crystal White should be playing by then and at 6'5" and with experience, that should provide some reprienve for Smith. And then there is Seimone. I think that LSU has two many weapons even for sharpshooting Penn State. The only factor not figuring in is the nervousness associated with playing before a televised national audience. Penn State has that experience (this current Lion Team has that experience)...LSU does not.

    i still say LSU by 10 points.

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