Les Miles Love Letter to Baton Rouge

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by COTiger, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. COTiger

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    Dear Baton Rouge,

    It's hard to believe that it's now been nearly 10 years that my family has called you home. We have come to love everything about this wonderful city and state. From the food, the people, and of course LSU, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

    I have watched my four children grow up here and Kathy and I have been honored and proud to have been part of such a great community. Whether it's been on the soccer field, swimming pool or baseball diamond, my kids have had great opportunities growing up here. They've made friendships and created memories that will last a lifetime and for that, I'm grateful.

    As the head football coach at LSU, I'm fortunate to represent a great university and coach outstanding young men who are passionate about their school and their football.

    You have also allowed me the opportunity to coach in what is the finest college football town in America. There's nothing like a Saturday in the fall on the LSU campus, especially when it's a night game in Tiger Stadium. With the sun setting in the Western Sky and "Calling Baton Rouge" playing during pre-game to get the crowd into a frenzy, there's no better place than Tiger Stadium.

    So, thank you Baton Rouge, for being such a unique and wonderful place. It's truly an honor to call you home.

    Geaux Tigers!

    Les Miles
    LSU Head Coach

    The linked article describes why Les wrote the letter.


    I have doubts about the authenticity. It is too clear, concise, and articulate for Les to have written it.

    I kid. I kid. :D
  2. northernvatiger

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    Saw this earlier today, linked from a Facebook post. This is so great. So glad Les is our coach.
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    After that letter I wouldn't be surprised to see Les take the Meechegan job when Brady Hoke gets fired
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  4. furduknfish

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    Beat me to it...
  5. Bengal B

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    Les had a want to craft a quality statement
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  6. shane0911

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    Zero chance he wrote that.
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  7. LSUDad

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    That ship has sailed. LOL.

    Like I say, most of their problems are off the field.
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  8. Bengal B

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  9. furduknfish

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  10. $TigerFan$

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    How can you not like the guy!!! I know he infuriates me at times but glad we got him.
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