Les Miles pranked on WWL last night (clip)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by rbc, Oct 21, 2010.

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    has anyone seen the new video on youtube.it's from his recent call in show. i tried to post it but had problems. this guy call's in and say's hey les how you doing? i just wanted to let you know that i took the naked pictures jefferson has of you and you're free.... then hawthorne cuts the call. it is hilarious. hawthorne dose not know what to say and les just kinda laughs and say's "good one". maybe some one else can post it. it's audio only.
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    It was on last night's show on WWL 870 am.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz81EnGG_ks]YouTube - Les Miles call in show fail[/ame]

    Kinda funny.
  3. aztiger

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    Man.....I hope I disguised my voice well enough.

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    There was a lot of hate thrown at Miles last night for saying he was going to start Jefferson. That call was the icing on the cake for the night.

    Let's be honest, how many people haven't thought that maybe. . .just maybe something like what the caller illuded to is really happening?

    I've thought about it and every time I end with "Nah. . . it couldn't be." I mean, it couldn't be? Right???? ???? ? ??

    I liked that some people called in and actually gave stats showing that Lee has played better and Miles just discredited and pandered around the issue. Anyone who was curious if Miles knows. . . .he knows the stats and how the fans feel.

    At this point the only thing I can think is he starts Jefferson and expects him to play bad so Lee doesn't have to worry because, from his standpoint, "there's no way I can play as bad as him."
  5. ScottforJC

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    I do not understand why our "fans" find it humorous to try to embarass or humiliate our coach in front of other people. Granted, by himself, he can say and do things on national TV that many find embarassing, stupid or humiliating, but what are they trying to accomplish?

    I know, I know...let's all call in and try to embarass Miles into starting JL instead of JJ this Saturday. Well, even if it works, have you ever thought of the damage it might do to someone like Greg Robinson or his parents hearing this lack of respect?

    We know there are disagreements in how Les is running the program, but ridiculing him in public is far more damaging to the program long-term than to the possibility of it doing some good short-term.

    It's okay to disagree and to voice your opinion, but when our "fans" do this junk to our own program, I don't think they really have the best interest of the program in mind. Let the results do the talking: 7-0, 58-15, 1 National Championship....

    These young men will perform far better on the field knowing that the Tiger Nation is behind the team (players and coaches) than feeling like their own family has turned against them.

    This has gotten way out of hand. It's called cannabilism.

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  6. Bud Lee

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    A dude from tigerdroppings is claiming to be that caller FWIW
  7. Richdog

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    I don't know. Remember 2 years ago when everyone wanted JJ to start because JL was throwing pick 6's at an alarming rate? He didn't pull Lee then, why would he pull Jefferson now?
  8. LSU-SIU

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    Les rides his horses until they fall over dead, which is why Gary is still up in the booth. :)

    You don't understand, Les can't call Lamb2Lions if Lee comes in first. The plan is to get behind then put Lee in, put him difficult positions to fail, like Lee doesn't have enough on his plate having to deal with Gary's play calling.

    I was wrong this year though, I said Les would call Lamb2Lions when LSU got down 7-10 points, it ended up only being 4 points.

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