Les Miles protects his players. Nick Saban does not.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Cajun Sensation, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Cajun Sensation

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  2. mctiger

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    Agree totally. So why does Les keep losing top Louisiana recruits to this horse's ass?
  3. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    I love this quote. I was not aware that he said this.
    Uhhhh, no, they most certainly are not. The recent success of the program is enviable, sure, but their fan base as a whole is viewed as a laughingstock by anyone outside of tuscaloser.
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  4. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    I remember during the game Friday Brando said something about Lamin Barrow's daughter being sick and Les was always there for him, I may be off but I find it hard to believe anyone would be comfortable going to douchenozzle with family problems or actually being a compassionate father figure type.
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  5. Pintoracer

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    Saban is a "prick!" That is all.
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  6. Atreus21

    Atreus21 Founding Member

    You live by the sword, you die by it.

    Saban is there to win championships. Not to be a role model.

    If someone could devise a robot to coach football, Saban would be a good template.
  7. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

  8. 65Grad

    65Grad Maturity is Overrated

    Bear Bryant is spinning in his grave over Saban's statment. I lived in bama back during his coaching days, and like the coaches today he had a Sunday TV show following each game. Anytime they won, first, he never took credit, he always gave the players and coaches the credit for the win. When they lost, it was always HIS fault, always.
  9. Herb

    Herb Veteran Member

    Because the negatiger portion of the fan base - due to their incessant complaining about Les Miles - create an atmosphere where recruits actually start to think that they are better off leaving the state. It's like the ploy in politics: if you repeat the lie often enough, people will think its true.

    The overarching attitude of a significant portion of the fan base that thinks they know more than someone who actually rose up through the coaching ranks (over a career that spans decades) creates an environment of second guessing. Because "everyone knows Saban is a better coach than Miles" and "everyone knows that Miles only won with Saban's players", and "everyone knows Miles is ruining LSU's program"...yada yada yada.

    To all the people that like to utter this type of BS, pat yourselves on the back whenever LSU loses a Hootie Jones or Landon Collins to Alabama...mission accomplished.
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  10. lsu-i-like

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    Can you see from your soapbox that bama is still rated higher than lsu? Did you see us struggle with arky? Do you recognize that auburn is now basically operating at about the same level as lsu and are on an upswing vs lsu having a down year?

    Also, if I'm going to get blamed for miles struggles, he needs to cut me in on his paycheck. Lsu is strong enough to weather criticism. When criticism hits a critical mass, there is probably some fire there.
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