Les Miles Will Make History This Season.....

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    Les Miles will do something this season that has only been done once before in the annals of college football history. This will be Miles tenth season at LSU and only one other coach in history has amassed 100+ wins in his first ten years at one school..... in his first ten seasons at Florida, Steve Spurrier won 102 games while losing 22. Miles stands at 95 wins right now and if the Tigers do as expected and win 10 games or more Les Miles will have the most wins in the history of college football for ANY coach in his first ten years at one school. Not Bear Bryant, not Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden or even little midget nicky......but Les Miles. Now true, more games are played today and those numbers will increase with the CFP coming, but it is a remarkable achievement nonetheless. I actually came up with this on my own. I was at college football data warehouse just perusing the website because I am always interested in college football history and the idea just struck me how successful Miles has been here and I began wondering how he stacked up against some of the all time greats that actually coached ten years or more at one school. By comparison, Charles McClendon won 79 games his first ten years at LSU and Bernie Moore 62.....and those are the only two Tiger coaches with more than ten seasons in Baton Rouge......Les catches a lot of flak from fans that don't know just how successful he has been and the rarified air that he has elevated the LSU program to. And with the coaching staff that he has assembled and the recruits he is bringing in, the next ten years may be better than his first ten......
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    Unfortunately midget nicky will probably exceed that after his first ten years @ bama.
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    I missed Bob Stoops.....107 wins his first ten seasons......sorry for the faulty research guys.....but still within reach for Miles......and forget about the midget.....buma is on a two game losing streak that is going to get worse.....
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    Well I doubt that will happen, I can't stand the guy but he can flat out coach. He may drop some here and there but one thing is for sure he won't lay an egg on a whole season.

    I think it great for Les to reach that milestone (no pun intended) he deserves it. He has worked hard for LSU and I like his style. He infuriates me at times, but then again the heart attack cats have been doing that since I was in diapers. It seems for the most part there are a handful of coaches that can burn that candle for many years, which is a lot tougher to do than burn hot for a championship or two and call it quits. Good info thanks for the research.
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    Saban will need 10 & 11 win seasons just to catch Miles first 9 seasons. With his easy scheduling, ESPN recruiting for him, plus he earns $2.5-2.7 million per year more than Miles, he should be embarrassed if he can't catch & pass him.
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    Georgia fan writer compares Richt to Miles:

    The art and science of long tenures.

    "Nine seasons. Five top ten finishes. A winning percentage in the high .700s. Three BCS bowls. Three SEC Championship Game appearances, with two of them being wins.

    It's been an eventful run for Les Miles at LSU. Those phrases don't just describe the Mad Hatter, though. They also describe the first nine seasons for Mark Richt at Georgia.

    The two aren't identical. Even if you grant three gimme wins for Richt's three seasons under the 11-game schedule, his hypothetical record of 93-27 (90-27 actual) isn't quite at Miles's 95-24. His 52-20 SEC record is nearly the same as Richt's 50-22 in his first nine seasons, though. Miles has a national title that Richt doesn't—albeit with a two-loss record that Richt has met or beat three times. The West over the past nine has been better than the East was over Richt's first nine, but still, the similarities are striking. But let's stop there, because this isn't a comparative piece between the two guys.

    These days it's getting rarer to see a coach last at a school for a decade, but Miles will have completed a decade in Baton Rouge once his next bowl game is over. We're so accustomed to short coaching tenures that they all seem to fit to a narrative arc. With a longer run like what Miles is on, there isn't a nice storyline. It just goes.

    The decade mark or shortly after is also roughly when long tenures begin to show signs of wear, of not decay. Tommy Tuberville's expiration date at Auburn was at exactly ten years. Richt's worst season so far was his tenth; Bob Stoops's was his 11th. Both Mack Brown and Phillip Fulmer had 12 good seasons until the wheels began to come off of their programs.

    Richt and Stoops recovered; Tuberville, Brown, and Fulmer couldn't. Miles seems to be fine for this year according to the preseason consensus. The Tigers are a near-unanimous pick as a top-15 team, and that implies 10 or 11 wins on the year. They are, however, also the consensus third place team in the West divisions. After finishing third a year ago, getting there again would be the first time Miles hasn't been in the top two of the division in consecutive seasons. Even with 10 wins and a top 15 finish, would that count as slipping? Or is that simply life in today's SEC West?

    I lean toward the latter. Every year, someone who is really, really good at what they do is going to end up disappointed not to be in the top couple of spots in that division. After losing a formidable offensive core of Zach Mettenberger, Jeremy Hill, Jarvis Landry, and Odell Beckham, Jr., there would be no shame in winning 10 and finishing third in the division. Sometimes, that's just the way it goes.

    Miles has not had to endure the hot seat talk that Richt once did; spacing out his SEC titles really helped in that regard. I can't help but wonder if he's settling into Richt's place though: the guy who had some elite success early, another great year a few years on, but otherwise the coach who hangs out near the top of the division but doesn't have the big breakthrough. A 10-3 campaign from Miles would be his third straight: better than most alternatives but not including even a division title, much less things higher. We won't really be able to make that call until a few years from now, but it is on the table.

    So the Les Miles adventure continues, hitting a few peaks and finding fewer valleys. The easy stories fall away as we enter the long game."


    In the end, Miles has been to the big dance 2 times & Richt has been to none. Richt completed his 10th season with a 96 & 34 record after a 6-7 season in year 10.

    I see some of our fans talking about Miles leaving X number of BCS NCs "on the table". Can Georgia fans even entertain those thoughts?

    The writer mentions having success early. It's true, Richt last won the SEC in 2005, Miles won his last last SEC in 2 seasons ago. Going 13-1 just doesn't appear in any way to be a coach who' s just hanging out near the top of the division, looking for scraps, IMO. Hiring an NFL level offensive coordinator & landing the top player in the country, would seem to me to be a coach who badly wants to win. Personally, I'd call it retooling for a serious run at the NC within 3 years.

    The mention of LSU's "2 loss" NC that was unanimous & then even...divisional titles gives off the same distinct aroma of Ole Miss style jealousy , IMO. Herchel Walker & 1980 was a long time ago.
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    You forget there are still some bitter dogs out there that felt Gawga was the best team at the end of 07. Even though they shit the bed against Tenn.
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    They may have been but the crystal is in Baton Rouge. We were the best team in 11 and fell victim to the do over with the midget. The trophy is in Tusker Ville. You have to win the one that counts to be the best. Unfortunately some people can not just be happy with the quality of there team if they don't win it all. Society dictates it and we live by it. I personally have been enjoying the best of LSU football, regardless of where we finish. We have witnessed some fabulous football play in the last decade, that includes that great win with the midget against Tennessee. That game was the turning point IMO of the greatness we have been experiencing. God help us if we ever get back to the point where our fan base just expects us to lose. Even Saban can't win them all. A few plays here and there and he is only sitting on one crystal in Tusker Ville.
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    I'd say the last bit has more to do with OkieState shittin the bed against a perennial conf loser.
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    LSU's 2-loss MNC would be an issue if they had lost, but they didn't. They won and while those two losses stand out, the fact that no one else had as impressive of the numbers of wins as LSU that year should stand out as well.
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