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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUDad, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Les was asked about Turners replacement. The first name out of his mouth was Evan..........I posted this after attending the LSU Recruiting Bash, I had a chance to talk with Mike Detillier..........Posted on Feb 7th.

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    I just read a couple of articles in the Advocate. They gave me a bad feeling about the QB situation.

    Brains always beats brawn and athleticism at that position. Did not see one comment about intelligence or understanding the game.

    We have been down this road, before.
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    Looks like he may play both positions, LB and DE. Just not at the same time.
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    OK, but reading Mickles' article, there's nothing about brawn or athleticism either. Its a very generalized article that mostly talks about the experience, or lack thereof, of the current QB crop. Like the first line of the article said, still 175 days until the season opener.
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    Oh boy, don't start with this stuff. Others are going to take this a step further and before you know it by the time fall camp starts some posters are going to be lamenting the fact that we have 3 dummies competing for the qb position.

    For what it's worth Jennings HS coach praised Jennings study habits and his desire to get better at every practice. Harris was known for being a great leader and knowing what each player on the offense's responsibility was.

    Retig I can't remember too much about but I bet you could find a few great quotes from his former coach of you look. Then you won't be so worried!
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    I did not say they were dummies, I know nothing about them, I would have felt more confident if mental abilities would have been addressed. Did not mean to sound the alarm, just an opinion.

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