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  1. P&G_wheelz007

    P&G_wheelz007 Football anyone?

    Your 17 years old and take a couple of tests to determine your skill sets and aptitude for learning and the phone starts ringing:

    The Army calls with an offer: After basic training they'll send you to Intel school, with a Top Secret Security Clearance. You'll learn about the finest Intelligence collection and assessment tools, gadgets, and techniques in the world. After school they'll send you to NORAD HQ in Colorado Springs. And they'll promote you straight to Captain ($60K+ per yr).

    The Air Force calls: After basic training they'll send you for pilot training. You're going to get a Top Secret Security clearance and become a pilot for the B2 Stealth Bomber. Oh, and they're going to promote you straight to Captain after schooling and you'll be stationed in Nebraska.

    The Navy call: After basic training they'll send you through Seal training where you'll be trained on the finest weapons, gadgets and warfare techniques in the world. If you physically survive the training and don't tap out, you'll be promoted straight to Captain and join a special ops team. You'll be stationed an hour from your home town.

    The Marines call: After basic training they're going to send you to Medic school and teach you to become a combat-medic. You'll learn about trauma on the battlefield and become a life-saver. Once training is complete, they'll promote you straight to Captain and send you to San Diego.

    Which one would you choose?

    P.S. The point I'm trying to make -- (I hate losing stud LA kids too) -- there are tons of other schools that have just as much to offer as LSU. It's all about what appeals to that particular young man.
  2. Kal-El012

    Kal-El012 Veteran Member

    I answer the Navy's call to be a seal and part of the most elite in the armed forces. Being stationed an hour away from home is an added bonus.
  3. P&G_wheelz007

    P&G_wheelz007 Football anyone?

    Great choice. 2 issues there ---

    #1 You'd have to survive the training.
    #2 You'd be gone on deployments and training missions 75% of the time.

    I chose the Army Intel.
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  4. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    What is your end goal?

    That is the question. If it is a life long career in the Military, pick from the heart. If it is to advance your career and separate 4-6 years from now, get the TS and get in the intel community.
  5. P&G_wheelz007

    P&G_wheelz007 Football anyone?

    Which one are you choosing?
  6. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    Well, when I was active I tried to be an officer, but that was when the cutbacks were in full force. If you asked me then I would have chosen an officer slot, anywhere in IT.

    Now, I would say getting the TS and IT training b/c you just are not sure that you will have a spot next enlistment with all the changes we are going through, but there is always the guard.

    I ended up switching guard and my job to Cyber Surety for the TXANG. Got the TS as well.

    I will say this, Air Force is very nice compared to other services from what I have seen for the past 8 years.
  7. fanatic

    fanatic Buckle your seatbelts...

    Navy Captains are 0-6. Never heard of that kind of advancement right out of school. The rest of the armed forces, a Captain is an 0-3.
  8. P&G_wheelz007

    P&G_wheelz007 Football anyone?

    That's what I meant... 0-3.

    Which one are you choosing?
  9. fanatic

    fanatic Buckle your seatbelts...

    For me, I'm choosing the Army. Even though the Navy would typically be my first choice, I'd never make it through BUDs as a Seal. Plus, I'd love working in the Intellligance field, especially at NORAD, but that's just me.
  10. Kal-El012

    Kal-El012 Veteran Member

    I'm still with it. I believe if I wanted it bad enough I would make sure I survived the training. Deployment and trainning missions are ideal for keeping soldiers in good shape and mentally sharpe. My pops and uncles both served in the Navy. I'd do whatever I could to make them proud and provide service for this great country.

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