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    Interesting article on ESPN.com

    BATON ROUGE, La. -- Like many in his football-crazed hometown of New Orleans, Elliott Porter knew of Leonard Fournette before the young running back had even reached high school.

    A superstar from the city's rec leagues, Fournette's legend had begun to spread years before he ever became the nation's most heavily recruited football prospect.

    "He and my brother were in the same grade and I went to one of his games. It was really a man amongst boys," said Porter, a senior center who is now Fournette's teammate at LSU. "He didn't get much bigger from that because he was huge back then. I was like, 'Really? That's really an eighth-grade kid?'"


    We're counting down the days until the college football season starts with a look at the 25 most interesting people.

    Since then, little has changed for Fournette. Listed at 6-foot-1 and 224 pounds, he's still bigger than many of those he competes against. He's still stronger than most, and LSU coach Les Miles has already speculated that the freshman might be the fastest player on an incredibly athletic roster.

    No wonder Miles could barely contain his enthusiasm when the Tigers held their first preseason practice earlier this month. The Tigers worked out in only helmets and shorts at first, and Miles couldn't wait to see how his prized recruit would fare once the team donned full pads later in the week.

    "That's kind of like having Tiger Woods on a golf course with a putter," Miles said. "You just want to see him tee off, don't you? Well, we have to put pads on before we can see him tee off."

    It wasn't the first time Miles invoked a legend when talking about his young phenom. At SEC media days, he used Michael Jordan's name when describing Fournette's desire to be great.

    LSU fans share Miles' excitement, as the wait of more than six months to see Fournette is nearly over. The No. 13 Tigers face No. 14 Wisconsin on Aug. 30.

    "That's all I've been thinking about, just getting my first time playing at the collegiate level," Fournette said. "So I'm just ready."

    By this point, Fournette is no stranger to this level of attention.

    After his 255-yard effort in a nationally televised win against state powerhouse John Curtis Christian last season, he earned praise from New Orleans legends like Peyton Manning and Lil Wayne.
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    I'll admit up front, I didn't have the opportunity to follow the Tigers very closely this past off season.

    All I know about Fournette is what I read on the Internet. I'll withhold any judgement until I get an opportunity to see what he does on the playing field. For someone close to the program or someone with inside info, how has the young man held up to the hype and attention? I hope he's been able to keep his feet on the ground.
  3. lsutiga

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    This is what TM7 said about him.

  4. red55

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    He seems very well grounded and his teammates seem to like him. And those that have seen him practice are comparing him to guys named Bo and Hershel.
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  5. COTiger

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    Well, I hope the insiders are right. I'll withhold judgement until I see him perform against SEC competition.
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    I'm trying not to get too excited. I got excited from Russell Shepherds videos before he played a down
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    I may be in the minority but if this kid is half as good as the hype says, I think I'm okay with him running it on 60-70% of our plays. I'd be okay forgoing the pass a bit.
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    First true freshman Heisman winner, other bold predictions for 2014

    Bruce Feldman
    FOX Sports

    For the past few years we've done our Bold Predictions list, and it's that time again.

    Hopefully, at least two or three of these will come true.

    1. Fournette wins Heisman

    We will be talking about how
    LSU's freshman crop may be the best class in the past decade and the gem of it all, RB Leonard Fournette, will become the first true freshman to win the Heisman.


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    Lil Wayne is a legend?
  10. lsutiga

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    Get that Heisman talk outta here cause, though I'm looking forward to much success this year, I wouldn't be thinking about a Heisman candidate since I don't think we'll play for an NC. Not that it's impossible (anything is) but with a new QB, I think all will agree we need to be realistic. Maybe in two years, before he leaves.

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