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Looking peachy/chickeny?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tigermark, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. tigermark

    tigermark Rematches suck!

    So are we headed to the Chick-fil-a bowl against Clemson?
  2. sugarlsu

    sugarlsu Veteran Member

    This is what my friend and I just discussed. But my take on it is this; it doesn't matter what bowl we play in, just win the game and finish in the top five, in order to help us in the pre-season rankings for next year. I always enjoy beating ACC teams, having lived in them parts in the way back past ;)
  3. lsutiga

    lsutiga TF Pubic Relations

    Me too but Clemson? Sheesh. Gimme a Florida State, Miami, or Virginia Tech.
  4. ehusson80

    ehusson80 Senior Member

    I'm holding out hope for Cotton Bowl vs. Oklahoma or TexAss. We are ahead of aTm due to head-to-head victory, but the Cotton Bowl has the "right" to chose aTm based on them having the same record as us. I don't think tie-brakers come into play. aTm in the Cotton Bowl is, unfortunately, a natural fit, esp. vs. TexAss. I think 10-2 in the SEC West is better than a Chick-Fil-A Bowl bid. I am actually wrong though. I think it's Chick-Fil-A vs. Clemson. That's the bowl game Auburn(8-5) played in last year, and they got absolutely DESTROYED in ALL of their losses last year. We lose 2 games to 11-1 BCS bound teams by single digits and that's the bowl we get. Shows how top-heavy the SEC was this year. Damn this is a killer conference!
  5. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member

    aTm has the ass for Texass so it wouldn't surprise me if they turned down a bid to the cotton just to avoid playing them. Sort of that whole FU they gave to the short horns when they left the conf. last year.
  6. 100%TigerBred

    100%TigerBred Veteran Member

    Sugar bowl would not suprise me. They know that we sell out and last time Florida was there they did not.
  7. diamondheadtiger

    diamondheadtiger Founding Member

    Maybe we'll ruin their program like we did the Canes
  8. billman1167

    billman1167 He who knows best knows how little he knows "TJ"

    I had heard some talk about a possible Rose bowl. Is that dead?
  9. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    Only if Oregon is taken for nc if ND loses. Then maybe because the rose wouldn't want ND twice.
  10. Nutriaitch

    Nutriaitch Fear the Buoy

    Sugar and Rose are both off the table.
    only 2 teams from any conference can go to BCS bowls.

    Florida will finish top 4 in the BCS, meaning a guaranteed BCS game.
    Winner of SEC CG goes to BCS title game.

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