Losses in big games and recruiting

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by northernvatiger, Nov 10, 2013.

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    This is the first time I've posted today. Although not surprised we lost to Bama, it still stings nonetheless. To me, the final score doesn't indicate it was still a close game heading into the 4th quarter; however, there is no such thing as moral victories.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what others on the board think. Do losses like this hurt recruiting? I realize that one loss can't necessarily be viewed in a vacuum, but I'm wondering in cases where LSU and Bama are going after the same recruits. Does a game like this sway a kid who may be on the fence?

    Note to the mods -- please move this to the recruiting thread if you think it's more appropriate there. I thought it be timely to discuss this on the main board, especially given so much discussion revolving around talent, and the fact that Bama seems to be winning that battle.
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    You would think maybe it does, but I'm not sure kids go to college anymore to only win championships. I think in their eyes, playing time, and ability to get to the next level are first and foremost. Parents like to hear about getting a degree.

    One thing that struck me in the whole Landon Collins fiasco was that his mother kept saying that Nick's pitch was the NFL, and nothing was pitched on education. I don't know how honest that is but it kind of made me go hmmmmmm.

    LSU puts more players in the NFL, LSU graduates more players, obviously there is a ton of opportunity to play, and now it's come out that the tread on Alabama players going into the NFL is worn down. Plus we also have a statistically better chance of keeping in state talent because they are from here. Alabama is going to continue to try and steal talent from Louisiana because they are an inferior state on so many levels. But they do win championships and that's all they care about, so every now and then they will steal a guy or 2 from our state.

    Now, out of state guys, that's where I feel it's trickier. But Miles and company are alot better at recruiting than they are at anything else so there's that as well.

    This is just my opinion and maybe some of the experts can answer better.
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    Well, winners normally like to be with winners. On the flipside, some kid might think he can go in an help a program get back on its feet. However, Saban normally gets what he wants. That fourth quarter might have been a deal breaker for some.

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