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    I found this transcript of a mainstream news media program regarding the gay marriage issue, not sure the host, it could have been Katie Couric, CNN, MSNBC, Oprah Winfrey, Dianne Sawyer, Newsweek or The New York Times.

    Host: Tonight's topic is gay marriages. Our guests are Joe Normal and the Reverend Billy Bob Brimstone. Welcome Mr. Normal
    (camera to Joe Normal, the most average, unassuming, normal looking human being alive)
    Mr. Normal : Great to see you again!
    Host: And hello to you Reverend Brimstone
    (camera to Rev. Brimstone, the most threatening, scary looking preacher the producer could find)
    Rev. Brimstone: God have mercy on your souls, Praise Jeeezus!
    Host: Now we invited you both today because you two are clear representatives of the opposing sides in this debate on gay marriages.
    Host: We'll start with you Reverend Brimstone, you hate old people, children, black people, Jews, Gay people and puppies..
    Rev. Brimstone: (interrupting) and don't forget the mentally retarded!
    Host: Of course, if you are against gay marriages, you must also be against mentally retarded children.
    Mr. Normal: You see (host) that is so typical of the bigoted mindset that is against gay marriages..
    Host: (interrupting while nodding her head) absolutely!
    Rev. Brimstone: We think all gay persons will burn in hell!
    Mr. Normal: You see (host) that is so typical of the hatred that gay people face everyday, you see (host) gay people are just normal folks, working for a living, paying their taxes, raising children, feeding the homeless, caring for the sick, all of these things.
    Host: In fact, Rev. Brimstone you don't pay income taxes and beat the homeless isn't that correct?
    Rev. Brimstone: That's correct, we typically beat the homeless and never pay income taxes.
    Host: (nods approvingly) Now I understand, Joe, that just yesterday you saved 50 mentally challenged children from a burning building, isn't that correct?
    Mr. Normal: Why yes (host) gay people save the less fortunate from burning buildings on a daily basis.
    Rev. Brimstone (interrupting): I burn buildings on a daily basis, I'm an arsonist.
    Host: In fact, studies show that those who oppose gay marriage regularly are also arsonists, isn't that correct Joe?
    Mr. Normal (smiling politely): Why yes it is, we've seen the same surveys. You see as a gay man, I'm just your average American, I fight terrorism and am a victim of terrorism on a daily basis.
    Host: (looking pained) Yes, yes you are Joe.
    Rev. Brimstone (foaming at the mouth): You all will burn in eternal damnation!
    Mr. Normal: You see (host) its so sad what to see the hatred and bigotry of those who oppose gay marriages, you know George Washington was a gay man?
    Host(nodding approvingly) Why as a matter of fact, historians say in fact George Washington was a gay man.
    Rev. Brimstone: I just want to say..
    Host: Please Rev. Brimstone, stop interrupting, let's try to keep this discourse civil.
    Mr. Normal (shaking his head disapprovingly): You see how these bigots are, they are just evil bigoted people.
    Host: Indeed they are. Well, thank both of you for being on the show today, we wanted to invite two representatives on this debate and obviously we were successful.
    Mr. Normal: Thanks for inviting me (host), its been a pleasure.
    Rev. Brimstone: Burn in hell!
    Host: Up next a story of a man who has found a cure for cancer and in his spare time also has captured Osama Bin Laden...and he's gay.
    (Cut to commercial)
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    You know, I'm as opposed to gay marriage as anybody...but what's your point?
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    Sorry G-Man, that was only a slight exaggeration of the typical popular media handling of the gay marriage issue.
    The gay marriage advocate is carefully selected for *normalcy", while inevitably the CNN's, NY Times, MSNBC's, etc. purposely find the most outlandish opponent of gay marriage they can find.
    It's part of the campaign by such media organizations to promote, advocate and editorialize rather than report fairly.

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