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    God I so hate to back Red up (not that he needs it) but some of these comments need correction. There is legitimate argument as to what level of state involvement in society is proper and how is the best way to manage our public obligations but there should be no argument that we have them. Nor should there be confusion on these basic responsibilities. I am saddened to see an increasing cry from the right wing tea party types that seems to deny these obligations. The US is great because our society developed a system that provided a means for individuals to succeed. However individual success has always depended on a functioning government that sows the seeds of success. If we don't recognize that and continue to fertilize our future with public investment we will fail.
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    No, it is republicans routing tax dollars to private schools. You pay for public schools as a part of citizenship and your kids can go there free. Sending your kids to private school is a privilege that you must pay for yourself.

    The topic is the state of Louisiana and its governor. You are just trying to derail it into an Obama rant because you got nuthin' on the topic. I dislike nanny government in all forms, you only hate government money going to poor people. You think it is fine if it is going to YOU.

    Your ignorance is showing. In Louisiana we have a state-run charity hospital system where indigents get free care and they are training hospitals for the LSU medical school. We will have need of these after the Health Care Law is implemented. This is what we mean when we talk about Charity Hospitals, not the Shriners which are private hospitals.

    Once again, I have said not one damn thing about prisons. You are quarreling with yourself.

    Plenty of white porch monkeys out there, Jethro.
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    Nah, I didn't say I liked Edwards. I said he was good for the State, and he was. I voted for Buddy Romer. Hitler was a leader too. Jindal's a tyrant but every dog has his day.
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    And there are plenty of dumbasses out there with degrees amigo. I understand society needs a functioning government. But there comes a time when government oversteps its bounds and starts becoming intrusive. And I feel government crossed that line a long time ago. They write checks their asses can only cash by increasing taxes on people that work to make ends meet or those that provide jobs. To much of that money is then distributed to the countries to buy friendship, people that are happy being"poor" yet can afford tattoos, jewelry, tvs, cellphones, cars and are 80lbs overweight. And bailing out companies that just happen to be major campaign contributors. As far as private school being a privilege, in some areas it is more of a necessity. The public education system may be excellent in some areas but in others it's only good for making tractor drivers and long term welfare recipients. When kids are graduating highschool with a 6th or 7th grade education it is t working. Prison systems should be self supportive and criminals should be treated accordingly. A person shouldn't be on death row for 20 years. Shoot him or fry his ass. That'll save taxpayers $40,000 plus a year. Plant some Cotten and corn on prison grounds by hand and pick that shit by hand. That'll keep them busy and earn some keep. Most of the hospitals I mentioned rely heavily on private donations. The Shriners for example, we raise money through initiations, fish fries, carnivals and yearly dues. Visit one sometimes, you may be surprised at what you see. And next time your in a McDonald's drop a buck in the box for the Ronald McDonald house. They're gonna need it when companies stop contributing as much due to new charity laws that are gonna take effect. Welfare, I've said it before. I understand people need help at times. But if you have 5 kids and they all have different baby daddies. And you can afford to get your hair and nails done weekly. And you can drive your Tahoe with the 26" rims to da club and drink gin all night to celebrate your new tattoo. You don't need my money. And don't run to the emergency room every time you get a hangover or a belly ache from all the junk food you bought with your EBT card. If some people worked harder for what they make and others would actually get a fucking job and pay taxes. Then maybe they would get pissed at this wasteful government also. And quit voting for the sob that promises the most " free" stuff.

    What exactly do you teach red?
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    I don;t see it. The government is US! We affect and can control the government by voting. It is what makes America work.

    No one disagrees that some public schools are bad. The answer is to fix the bad schools, not have taxpayers foot the bill to send kids to private school. That has always been a private matter.

    Exactly the way I feel about someone who has a desire and the money to send his kids to private school but expects Uncle Sam to pay it for him.

    I run a small research unit. No teaching-no tenure. Got to do real work for for grants and contracts from paying clients.
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    gyver Rely on yourself not on others.

    My girlfriend is a research assistant for MSU. Busted her ass for her masters deg, as I'm sure you did. I personally don't think it's fair to yall, to have worked so hard to get where your at. Only to have so much take. From y'all and distributed to those that chose an easier path.

    Unless your getting taxpayer dollars to research something like the effects of monkey cum on a chickens ass. :))
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    Well, I worked hard and have been very successful. But I think that part of the price of success is helping the less successful get by. Too many of those who call themselves Christians have far less compassion for their fellow man than cynical agnostics like me.

    Jindal is taking money from the universities, but he's not helping the poor get by with it. He's paying the regular bills that linger unpaid ever since they legislature slashed taxes a few years ago. Louisiana is broke, not because of the economy, but because the legislature irresponsibly cut its own income below the sustainability point.

    PURPLE TIGER HOPE is not a strategy!

    This is easy. Regardless of your political views, Kathleen "Edith Bunker" Blanco was easily the worst governor in the history of Louisiana. If you read up on FEMA regulations, the National Response Framework, and the National Incident Management System you'll see numerous references to Kathleen Blanco as rules were enacted to avoid the same stupid mistakes she made during Katrina.

    I can understand why the liberal Democrats on this site chose Jindal. They absolutely hate when a conservative is in charge. They hate his budget plan but fail to admit most segments are untouchable due to many decades of control by Democrats.

    Take a minute and search the internet for Louisiana politics. You'll quickly see this state has been controlled almost exclusively by one party. With the exception of Vitter, the Democrats have controlled the Senate positions. Republican governors can be counted on one hand. Until recently the House positions were also heavily controlled by the Democrats.

    Like it or not this state's shortcomings (employment, education, health care, infrastructure, median income, etc.) are all rated very low historically due to one party. Argue all you want but the failures have been the responsibility of the Democrats. It's funny how we now blame Jindal and attempt to pretend everything was great before he arrived. Ha...what a joke!

    The strongest parishes (quality of life categories) in the state are the few which heavily lean conservative. Go figure. :)

    If you live in New Orleans and love Democrats....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't move to the northshore. We have enough Katrina leeches who moved north because they like what we have yet in fine Democrat fashion, don't want to contribute and pay THEIR fair share.

    PURPLE TIGER HOPE is not a strategy!

    I'm a Christian and I put my money where my mouth is. In addition to the money I spend a lot of time building & rebuilding homes after storms, fires, etc.

    I'm all for helping those in need. What ticks me off is when your boy raises my taxes and calls me "evil rich" while spending another vacation in Hawaii.

    Thanks to this wasteful administration my taxes just rose several thousand dollars. I usually don't mind paying taxes when I see a return...whether it impacts me directly or indirectly. With this administration's desire to redistribute wealth I can guarantee you I will be passing this tax increase on to others.
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    When exactly did he do that? You made it up.

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