LSU #14 in BCS

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by SoLa in NoIll, Oct 28, 2002.

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    Awww, I never really liked Tostitos anyway.
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    Thats exactly the kind of BCS bullshit I have been talking about on this board. While we all had high hopes the facts are now that even if LSU were to win the all the rest of their games there is no way to be included in the National Championship Picture with 2 losses. Virginia Tech is ranked 3rd in the polls but their win over LSU has been "devalued" by the BCS because of the loss to Auburn. If Georgia goes undefeated and beats LSU in the SEC Title game the fact that LSU lost a mid season game will
    "devalue" the win. Last week VTech had a BCS ranking that was in part based on its win over an LSU team that was at that point on a winning streak, but this week they lose BCS points because LSU lost a game. Any football team can only take care of business from week to week. The way the BCS has it set up any team can lose points if a team that was highly regarded at the time they beat them loses a game weeks later. LSU has lost 3 of its best players who played in the game against the Hokies, so automatically that means that the LSU team who lost to VTech and later put some wins together were not really as good as the BCS had thought they were earlier. So if Georga were to beat the Tigers in the SECCG the fact that LSU lost a midseason game would mean that a possibly undefeated Georgia team was not really good enough to be elevated of undefeated teams from Miami, Oklahoma, Notre Dame or whoever else might be undefeated at the end of the season. If LSU had beaten Auburn and then goes on to win the rest of their games and lose to an undefeated Georgia then the BCS would give the Bulldogs more quality points and would consider them a better team than they would have been considered if their end of season win over a team who had lost a mid season game than they would if their opponent had not lost that mid season game. If LSU were to win out and finish 11-2 after the SECCG we would find ourselves in another Sugar Bowl game against probably Iowa who also dosen't control their own destiny because they lost an early season game and they don't play Ohio State this year. The BCS already has defending National Champ Miami in second place and just barely ahead of Notre Dame. What if Miami, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Georgia and Ohio State all finish the season undeated? The BCS would no doubt pick Notre Dame and OK for the Fiesta Bowl. A Miami win over VTech would mean less to the BCS because VTech's win over LSU had been "devalued" because of LSU's loss to Auburn. In that situation you would likely see a Sugar Bowl with Georgia and Miami and Ohio State playing the Pac 10 Champ in the Rose Bowl, so its posible that after the bowls there could be 3 undefeated teams, (more if NC State and Bowling Green keep winning) Whichever team won the Fiesta Bowl would be declared the National Champ while other deserving teams are left out in the cold with no chance of proving they might be better on the field. IS THIS FAIR? NO WAY! WAKE UP BCS AND LETS START HAVING A REAL PLAYOFF FOR DIVISION 1 OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL! IF THE BCS WERE RUNNING THE NFL THE SAINTS WOULD ALREADY HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED BECAUSE OF 2 LOSSES. THE PACKERS WOULD BE OUT TOO BECAUSE THEIR LOSS WAS TO THE SAINTS. ALSO THE 49'S AND TAMPA BAY. In the NFL even a team like the Rams who lost their first 5 games is not already eliminated. Any team that can win the conference title in the SEC, Big 12, Big East, Big 10, ACC, or Pac 10 should be included in a College Championship Playoff, along with deseving wild cards even including worthy teams from Mid Major conferences who go undefeated as long as a couple of their wins are against major teams
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    Is that all you got?

    Took you plenty of words to say what can be said in 3: The BCS Sux.
    I've said it before, even with all the "computer rankings", etc., the national championship is still decided by voters (read: popularity contest). The nat. champs were decided back in July with the first preseason polls. If you are not ranked in the preseason top 10 at least, forget any consideration. And those top 10 spots are usually reserved for the Miamis, OK, ND, UF, FSU and a big 11 school. And they are ranked up there in preseason because they were up there the year before, etc. etc,. That is why it would take several years of undefeated or near undefeated seasons for LSU, or any other team, to crack that exclusive club. The national champ that is "handed out" at the end of the season in NO WAY reflects who the best team was that year. Its more or less who is the better program over the last couple. LSU needs to look long range if they seriously want to be "voted" the national champs, or pray for complete anarchy and upheaval that would bring a playoff system.

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