LSU 2002-2003 Basketball Schedule

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Sabertooth, Sep 6, 2002.

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    The 2002-2003 LSU basketball schedule was released this week. I saw one welcome addition. LSU will be playing preseason #1 Arizona on December 21. I was always an advocate of playing a tough pre conference schedule. In the future, I would hope to see 3 or 4 teams of Arizona caliber on the schedule. You just do not get better playing weak teams like LSU has played in the past and it could also be a contributing factor why LSU has started out very slow in SEC play while under Brady. Playing a tough schedule and competing not only will prepare you for SEC play but also will reward you in POST SEASON selection consideration. Schedule strength is my biggest beef with Brady.

    Also, I'm fired up that the SEC tournament will be played in the Superdome this year. However, the superdome is probably one of the worst ventures to watch a college basketball game. I was not at all impress with the last NCAA subregional games played at the Superdome two years ago. There are many issues to improve on.
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    Looking good! I agree that playing a tough pre-conf. schedule will better prepare us for the SEC.

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