LSU Baseball: Draft Signings

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by bhelmLSU, Jun 15, 2011.

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    To Recap we had 7 taken from the team this year.

    Mahtook (RD 1)
    Tyler Jones (11th)
    Ott (13th)
    Alsup (18th)
    Nola (31st)
    Rhymes (40th)
    Hanover (40th)

    According to Randy Rosetta (Now with TSD), Ott agreed to terms with the Red Sox which wasn't unexpected given he needs a fresh start and his stock could only drop IMO. Ott, Red Sox come to terms

    I expect the 1st 4 drafted to sign and the last 3 to come back. I do worry that the Blue Jays drafted both Nola brothers though but Austin was drafted to low IMO.
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    I was interested to see if our new pitching coach could return Ott to past glory, but this was probably the right move and I wish him the best.

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