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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUweezie, Mar 19, 2005.

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    Ya the game yesterday was a nightmare. We got outplayed outcoached you name it we got it everything that could have went wrong did. But you can not let one game diminish everything this team has achieved this year. We won a share of the SEC West and had 20 wins. When over half of this town counted them out and were dogging them and giving them no respect or support. They were nearly perfect at home playing in front of small crowds with not much of an edge. Trust me I know I had season tickets and went to every single home game this season. The only loss came to a team thats in the 2nd round of the tournament. I can't lie I'm a huge LSU homer and will pick LSU to win every game they play in all sports no matter what. But even I couldn't say we were going to go 12-4 in the SEC I was hoping for 10-6 at best.

    Regardless of what Brandon Bass choses to do this program is still on the rise. Now me personally I think Bass isn't ready for the pros simply b/c hes not tall enough to play the 4 in the NBA and doesn't have the tools for a 3 at this point in time he doesn't handle the ball very well ecspecially on the break he's not a good passer ecspecially when he gets doubled and trapped and there is no way in hell he can defend other 3's and 4's in the NBA. I love watching Brandon play and belive he is a great college player but I don't see it in the NBA. But I would love for him to prove me wrong.

    This team will have Big Baby back, D Mitch who had a very streaky year not as good as his soph. season, Tack Minor who I know recives alot of critisim and didn't play well last night but he has came a long way this year and played good when LSU went on the run to close out the regular season. Nelter has turned in to a pretty damn good role player. You take those players with the 5 incoming guys the two redshirts and possibly Bass and you've got a top 25 team next year.
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    I have to agree with you on your post man. I know that the people are very bitter about the loss. I was absolutely pissed about it to. But, once you cool off and do a lil reflecting, I still think this program is on the rise. But, I also think that the Tigers may have benefited from a weaker SEC. Even with that fact, I still think that LSU is on the rise.

    I am a Brady supporter, I have admitted that on air many times. But, I do think his coaching in the game last nite was pathetic. He never showed emotion and the team stunk. But, I also think it was a joint effort to look that sad. This has been a good year for LSU basketball fans. I know that the fans want more consistent play and thats understandable. But, the last few years the play has been consistent. W/o Jaime getting hurt that would be 3 straight years that the Tigers go dancing.

    I really enjoyed watching this team play this year. The last 2 months have been about as much fun as I've had in recent years going to the PMAC. Some fans def missed out on some exciting bball in the Deaf Dome this year. Whether you love him or hate him, I think Brady has done good things for this program. I think its pathetic the calls I heard today about how horrible this guy is. I think the worst one I heard is that "John Brady has driven LSU basketball into the ground". When I heard that I wanted to throw up. To me, he's getting LSU back to a contender. After something like 6 or 7 years with pathetic showings, and sanctions and Daddy Dale bringing the program down in his later years, this is finally getting to be a program again. He's getting good recruits again, hopefull BB stays, most of the significant players return, I think LSU is primed for some good years.

    But, in all my defense of Brady, He does need to start winning some games in the tourney. Just getting there is getting old . You guys need to stay behind this program and help build it into a winner.

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