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LSU Beat Roundtable

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by CParso, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. CParso

    CParso Veteran Member


    A few selected topics from this article.
  2. TigerPrideLSU

    TigerPrideLSU Freshman

    I disagree with Guilbeau. I don't think Jimbo will be back next season.
  3. CParso

    CParso Veteran Member

    I disagree with Guilbeau on almost everything here.

    1) LSU winning 10 games & going to the Peach Bowl as a top 10 team this season is completely different than when Saban got here. Tennessee dealt with a hurricane? Umm, bull$h*t. Tennessee dealt with the game being moved back 2 days - not having their entire schedule disrupted, having family & friends living with team memebers & volunteering their time to help evacuees around campus.

    2) Mythical talent. There it is again. As far as players who can produce on the field, Georgia easily had us beat in this regard. Who cares if our team had higher recruiting stars? Of course he mentions nothing about our injuries that truly affected the score of the Georgia game.

    3) Miles didn't recruit well on the O-line last year!? Miles had a month to recruit & basically had to work with what was given to him by Saban. Ridiculous to put blame on him for last years recruiting class. We will sign 3 stud tailbacks AND Broussard will be back to full health.
  4. NoLimitMD

    NoLimitMD Freshman

    Is there some sort of Coonass Around the Horn being developed? Because it sure looks like Guilbeau's just saying stuff to get noticed, not because it makes any sense.

    Agree completely CParso, but HOLY CRAP especially on #3! He didn't recruit well? I wonder when Guilbeau thinks Miles started at LSU? :angryfire
  5. OpelousasLSUFan

    OpelousasLSUFan Freshman

    Guilbeau :angryfire has no clue what he is talking about!

    He is an A$$BAG!!!!!:po:
  6. saltyone

    saltyone So Mote It Be

    That A$$BAG makes some good money. :hihi:
  7. OpelousasLSUFan

    OpelousasLSUFan Freshman

    They are overpaying him!:lol:
  8. Ch0sn0ne

    Ch0sn0ne At the Track

    Cparso, Man, you gotta give up on this mythical talent crap you have been spewing all season. There are 22 guys on this team that will be in the NFL in the next two years. You cannot ignore that.

    Your point would be semi valid if you said our talent did not produce like it should, or didn't click, or wtf ever else. But saying it is not there is just plain lying to yourself.

    There is not one guy in the NFL that does not have talent, and that is the only true measuring stick to see what a team has or had. What the coach does with it when he is in control of the players is what matters. And for some reason this season our TALENT has not been put to it's best use, and has made mistakes.

    Screw looking at the receivers drops, which is the most obvious regression we made. Look at Whitworth. He has been called for mare penalties this season than his other three years combined. He has also missed blocks, and just not been his normal dominating self. Why???? hell if I know, but judging by the other regresses we've made this year, you have to say it is fundemental coaching.

    Tired of arguing this crap, but saying we have no talent is just silly.
  9. CParso

    CParso Veteran Member

    They will be in the NFL, but only if they start producing next season. As of right now, they would not make it in the NFL. My problem is with the word "talent". We have very gifted athletes on our team with much potential to be great players - this is what's often referred to as talent. However, when people say talent, it also implies that those players are producing at a high & talented level, which our players are not.

    We have highly recruited athletes. We do not have Heisman winners, nor do we have players that have produced Heisman-caliber results. We have as much potential as almost any team in the country, but not the results from our players. That is all I'm arguing.
  10. NoLimitMD

    NoLimitMD Freshman

    22 NFL players...hahahahahahahahahaha, can't stop laughing about that one.

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