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    Nice helps appreciate what the Chief has done.
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    I posted this last year about Chief........

    How long has Chief been in the SEC? Since 1989, that was his first year at Tenn.
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    If Chief never comes to LSU, Miles does not have the same success.
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    You think without Cam last year, we finish the same?

    Without Miles, does Chief come to LSU?
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    This is the type of defense that Chief likes, CB's that can hang, jam the WR's. You know, Mo, PP7, Brooks, Mathieu, Simon, etc. In RR and Tre' he has that.I also like what I saw in Ed Paris with his coverage in the Spring game.

    He like the Safeties that can roam the field, stop the run, Reid, Brandon Taylor, Chad Jones, etc. Martin, Thompson and Mills look to fill that bill. Not forgetting Jefferson, Collins. Bringing in Battle, Adams. The DB positions look to be in great shape for years to come.

    Everyone sees the LB positions as in great shape, Chief likes the speed, we have this. Moving Beck to LB, big guy with speed, bring in a Garrett, another big guy with speed.

    On the DL, Rasco and Hunter are great bookends. Having the great CB's, allows Chief to have the LB making plays. Many DL were Red-Shirted last year, not ready to play, not thrown into the fire too early, learning technique, getting bigger, stronger.
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    Nope and who knows. That all depends on who would have been the coach at the time chief became available and if the tiger defense was performing well. Chief saved Miles a lot of headaches and probably got him his contract extension. Miles should be sharing some of that 4 mil with chief.
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    Agree, you never know, but like I've said before. I have friends in the profession, when a job opens at LSU they apply, most have great jobs, but would move to LSU to work with Les. Let an opening come up and guess the number of applications that hit his desk. Oh, Chief makes well. BD Peveto came back to LSU. Look at the OL coach Grimes, he was at Va Tech for one year, do you know how hard it is to tell a wife you're moving again?

    Now I did have a coach tell me his wife was ready to move after one year at a school. lol

    On the sharing part, remember this one? While at Ok Light, Les was offered a raise, but divided the money between his Asst. Coaches.
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    SEC Championship odds for all 14 teams
    Jon Cooper @JonSDS

    Published June 3, 2014 - 10:40am

    Offshore sportsbook The Greek unveiled their power conference championship odds.

    Alabama is the SEC’s biggest favorite, with LSU, South Carolina, Auburn and Florida right behind them. The Big 12’s Oklahoma was the biggest favorite to win their conference of any team in the power five conferences.

    Here’s a look at the The Greek’s SEC Championship odds:

    • Alabama 5/4
    • LSU 5/2
    • South Carolina 5/2
    • Auburn 5/1
    • Florida 5/1
    • Georgia 13/2
    • Ole Miss 12/1
    • Tennessee 15/1
    • Missouri 20/1
    • Mississippi State 25/1
    • Texas A&M 25/1
    • Arkansas 70/1
    • Kentucky 80/1
    • Vanderbilt 250/1
  10. P&G_wheelz007

    P&G_wheelz007 Football anyone?

    Here are my % chance for each team to win it's division, broken down by team:

    SEC East
    South Carolina -- 26%
    Mizzou -- 23%
    Florida -- 19%
    Georgia -- 18%
    Tennessee -- 11%
    Kentucky -- 2%
    Vanderbilt -- 1%

    SEC West
    Auburn -- 34%
    Bama -- 26%
    LSU -- 17%
    Miss St -- 10%
    Ole Miss -- 9%
    A&M -- 3%
    Arkansas -- 1%

    I looked at who's won the division and how many times each team has won the division since 1992.

    I took in to consideration what each team "should" have coming back.

    I also took into consideration that poor Florida has to play Alabama AND LSU this year, while Mizzou plays A&M and Arkansas. It matters.
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