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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tigerhater69, Dec 8, 2001.

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    Dec 7, 2001
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    LSU fans are married to there cousin, met there wife or husband at a wrestling match. The family pet is a pig, the family car is 20 yrs old, has 3 different brands of tires on it, needs a muffler and has an 8 track. They think the movie Waterboy and Deliverance are based on true stories. They call fine dining the buffet at KFC. There best shirt has there name on a logo on the left side. There richest relative lives in a 10 year old trailer. There kids play in the yard and act and want to be like Waterboy. They take baths twice a week and change the water once a month. There Friday night is a video of Waterboy and Government cheese. They do all there Christmas shopping at Big Lots. They think 8-3 is a good year, they are watching the game on a black white TV. The computer they use came from Rent A Center. They think the Roseann show is how the rich live. They will be so drunk tonight on Mad Dog 20/20 they will miss the end of the game and the stomping they will take.
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    Oct 20, 2001
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    No, but I bet their (LMAO) is a family resemblance between you and Banjoboy in the Deliverance.

    Here's some advice. Install the voice program so when you speak smack, it comes across as intelligent.

    Their shows possession. There is a place. got it?

    So are you gonna be friendly or are you gonna constantly be stupid? Oh hell nevermind, I'm sure you will stay in the retard mode. Don't trip over that Chevy bigblock next to your tire planter.

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    oh Tigerhater....

    Your opinions of LSU fans are hereby noted(and laughed at I assure you), but to be fair, if the Vols do win tonight, then do the entire world a favor....


    Miami winning yet another national title is a pox on everything in this world that is good and just!

    **GEAUX TIGERS** Earn the right to drive 60 miles down the highway to play in the Sugar Bowl!

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