LSU @ Florida

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by cajunbob678, Oct 3, 2010.

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    I know how bad our offense looked today, and I will never forget how many pick 6's JL threw 2 years ago, but can our O improve a little with JL in the game? Enough to pull out a win at Florida? This will be a huge test for our D and I believe that if we can do SOMETHING on offense then our D can give us the W next week. After watching Florida play bama tonight, I have a little more hope that our Tigers can get a win in the swamp for the first time since '04.
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    Jarrett Lee played pretty well in the swamp, at night, his redshirt freshman year, against the eventual national champions. Save 2 picks, he moved the ball, he led the team on touchdown drives, but we eventually just blew it midway through the 3rd. Keep in mind that was quite possibly one of the best defenses in the last decade. He should start next week, and has a chance to redeem himself. I think if he works with the 1st team this week, and realizes the fans have his back, he will come out with a purpose and lead this team to victory. I'm not sure that Urban Meyer can win big SEC games without Tebow. They got exposed tonight, and have ZERO running game.

    I think everyone in the media will pick Florida to win this game, and I think we win, 24-17, with Lee getting his revenge. The swamp was the beginning of the end for him 2 years ago, and now that he is back, I don't think he will lose his job this season.

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