LSU Football Graduation Rate 2nd in SEC

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    This is according to Dandy Don:
    Coach Saban also spoke about how the football graduation rate at LSU was second only to Vanderbilt the last two years and that he expects the graduation rate to continue to improve because of the quality of players LSU had recruited the last three years. Coach Saban said that when a player commits to attend LSU, he should look at it as a 40-year commitment instead of a four-year commitment, because the player would benefit from a degree from LSU for the next 40 years.

    I'm glad to see Saban's focus on not just Football but academics. I belive we have some of the smartest football players in the nation. All LSU sports are continuing to have increased graduation rates. From the football team to the Basketball program we are slowly becoming a leader in not just sports but academics. How many schools have a basketball player working on his PHD.

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