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    Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing we are well stacked with a number of "Quality and capable LB's" something we have not had many(there have been a few) of in the Miles years.
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    Only 2 seniors start dwarcyck and lonergan then we lose shep downs aghayere Edwards

    So graduation won't hurt us much at all


    Mingo- has taken a hit in draft stock this year but still easily a first rounder prolly around 15
    Montgomery- recovered from early season slump and is and no doubt a first rounder
    Reid- over aggressive play and poor pass coverage has hurt him a lot this year but still a late 1st round or 2nd round guy
    Minter- off the radar before the season but has played his way into big time draft boards 2nd round grade at this point
    Logan- consistent play has earned him the top d tackle spot look for him to be mid 1st rounder
    Loston- needs some polishing since this is his first season as a starter injury issues will scare teams away big time but someone will use a late pick on him because of sheer talent prolly a 5th rounder
    Simon- big corners are prolly the next thing coming up in the NFL because of the increasing size of recievers he does not give up the deep ball but lacks quickness to cut on some dig routes or slants 2nd round grade
    Barrow- has improved his play exponentially this year but doesn't have the desired speed to be a big time NFL guy
    7th round

    Mett- has turned some eyes with big time throws late this year clearly needs a year to develop at this point he's a 5th round guy because he has all the talent
    Ware- running backs are becoming less of a tool in the NFL so you'll see less and less teams using top picks on a running back
    Ware has had a severe slump in a crowded backfield but his hardboard running style defenetly puts him in the conversation
    7th round
    Ford- textbook scatback short stride allow him to get a good first burst but he lacks top speed to go to the distance late 7th round
    Faulk- 1st rounder in the preseason but acl tears are scary we've seen teams take risks on high talent guys before but he won't be able to even do combine workouts in undrafted free agent signee
    Wright-solid overall player lacks elite size and hands and speed undrafted free agent
    Boone-similar to wright except 1 inch taller and has big play potential and better speed late 7th rounder
    Blue-if he continued at the rate he was going he would have been a 3rd rounder however his mcl year has scared a lot of teams away undrafted free agent

    As you can see plenty of talent on defense that could leave early but the opportunity to win a championship and improve draft status is a major appeal , however anyone who has talked to ciron black knows to take the money if its there
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    My 2013 projected starters:

    RB: hill
    Fb: copeland
    Te: nic Jacobs
    LT: Faulk
    Lg: Lael Collins
    C: Elliott Porter
    Rg: Bull (turner)
    Rt: Dozer(Alexander)
    Wr1: seals-jones
    Wr2: Landry
    Wr3: ob3

    DT: freak
    DT: ego
    End: Rasco
    Olb: Kwon Alexander
    Olb: barrow
    MLB: minter
    Cb: Simon
    Fs:Ronald Martin
    Ss: lostono

    Sounds like a championship squad to me
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    Makes me drool.

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    People need to remember that Eric Reid has a daughter, so for all those thinking he's going to stay in school, that fact will definitely be taken into account.
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    If that is the case and he takes into accont that there will be life after football, then staying to get a degree would be the wise choice.
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    He could always go back and finish his degree after making his millions like shaq did. College will always be there. Cant say the same for early round draft money.
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    Also, "Lostono" (sounds like a jeans company) is a senior, isn't he?
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    Apparently, he graduates in December anyway.
  10. StaceyO

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    I believe he red-shirted, though.

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