LSU Men's Basketball - 2013-14

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With a top 4 SEC pre-season prediction, what best describes your attitude about LSU Mens' bball?

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  1. Still going to follow LSU football and won't think about LSU basketball until January.

  2. Cautiously optmistic--but I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Coach Jones is the real deal, I'm taking notice... I'll buy a ticket to see a game before December.

  4. So psyched for basketball. I'm getting season tickets, and Football is only about A&M Bama now.

  1. TGer'nLHornLand

    TGer'nLHornLand Founding Member

    Beautiful video, MrGreen. Yes, I'm jazzed as well.

    Although, the video is wrong. The season starts sooner, November 6th, as the Tigers play their first exhibition of the season on Wednesday night. Coach Jones will be highlighting and previewing the season at his luncheon tomorrow.

    I can't wait to see the rotations and who he goes with on his starting 5. That said, look for several guys to play many minutes, and expect LSU to have a very strong second unit as well, highlighted by some young talent like Tim Quarterman, Jordan Mickey and Darcy Malone. For once in a long time, LSU will have the ability to send out different starters depending on the match ups, and won't be out matched talent wise when toeing up against the big boys of our league, like UK, FL.
  2. TGer'nLHornLand

    TGer'nLHornLand Founding Member

    Exhibition against Xavier the preseason 19th ranked NAIA school out of New Orleans tomorrow night in PMAC--free.

    Quotes from Johnny Jones at today's luncheon.

    Still no definitive starting 5 although we can likely guess it to include JOBIII, Jarrell Martin. Interestingly, still a lot of talk about Tim Quarterman emerging as a real threat to become the starting point guard. Hickey likely gets the nod, but Tim Quarterman's length and court saavy seems to be making the strong case for the freshman getting major minutes in the backcourt.
  3. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Watching the exhibition game....quick notes...Quarterman has good court vision...Mickey has 3 blocks in 10 minutes...Stringer is 3-4 from 3...hate to say it but Martin doesn't look like he's on the court...good team D...score 6-18 Tigers with 10:24 left in the first
  4. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Hicky has 3 steals in 3 min
  5. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    They are playing a little to unselfish...seems like everyone's trying to get an assist...9-27 Tigers 3:15 left in the first
  6. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Odo 2 fouls in 30 seconds
  7. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Ok Martin has scored the last 7 points...all in the last 30 seconds
  8. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Martin & Mickey with starting to get exciting
  9. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    11-42 Tigers end of first half...They started moving the last 3 min...Mickey has been a blocking machine
  10. mrgreen21

    mrgreen21 Veteran Member

    Hickey coming off the bench looks to be a good thing...Quarterman gets the team involved & has had some nice assist...The team has 8 blocks in the half 7 by Mickey...Morgan looks more confident shooting
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