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With a top 4 SEC pre-season prediction, what best describes your attitude about LSU Mens' bball?

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  1. Still going to follow LSU football and won't think about LSU basketball until January.

  2. Cautiously optmistic--but I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Coach Jones is the real deal, I'm taking notice... I'll buy a ticket to see a game before December.

  4. So psyched for basketball. I'm getting season tickets, and Football is only about A&M Bama now.

  1. islstl

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    Is this typically how you show the score? Who are you, Justin Wilson?
  2. mrgreen21

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    I was watching the game on my computer and updating on my phone so to answer your qustion, yes, yes i am Justin Wilson!
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  3. mrgreen21

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    Jest herd Martin will not play this weekend & is in a boot...its still not believed to be a serious injury
  4. LSUsupaFan

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    I hear they are just being careful for the Orlando trip. We should be able to get by the Demons without him. Darcy Malone was held out of the UMass game. He should be good to go this Saturday. Ill be happy to get a look at the Aussie.
  5. TGer'nLHornLand

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    Well, nothing, about LSU's overtime win over NCAA cinderella darling Butler, yesterday?

    I guess I should expect that on one of college football's wackiest weekends....

    However, for the hoops fans out there, what do you take out of LSU and Coach Johnny Jones' thrilling overtime win over Butler to take 3rd place in the Old Spice tourney in Orlando?

    What I take is that LSU does have some horses to match up with most teams. Butler is always a tough out and I honestly think a team like Butler always has a chip on its shoulder when it plays major schools. Remember that this is a team that lost by 2 to Oklahoma State. So, when folks talk about whether placing third, handily beating St. Joes and then a come from behind win vs Butler, just watch how the season plays out and where those teams are at the end of the season. Don't be surprised if Butler is again, a NCAA team. LSU really had the lead on Memphis most of the game, but slid down the stretch--it's a learning experience for some of the key young guys.

    At the same time, LSU has a lot to improve on still. Way too many silly turnovers and due to the various line-ups that CJJ and staff can employ, I do think it's hard to get a true bead on the heart and soul of this team just yet. By the Butler game, it was clear that CJJ wants to establish JOB down low, and play off him with cutters like Coleman, Martin and Mickey, while bombers like Stringer and Hickey spot up. At the same time, the depth of guys like Morgan, Coleman, Malone and Odo is intriguing. There were certainly times when "second team" folks stepped up and played better than the first teamers. I think cutting down turnovers from the 3-4-5 positions and establishing a consistent outside shooting presence (that isn't named Stringer) are keys for continual improvement. While LSU pressed at times, I'm not sure their defense truly is where it can be yet.

    Tigers get a 13 day lay off so expect some more wrinkles on rotations and schemes, and perhaps some more highlighting of players like J. Martin in more tune-up games in December prior to SEC play. Tigers sit at 5-2 against stiffer pre-season competition than previous years. That's a good thing, we're probably about where we should expect to be. The talent is there, we just need to get rid of the rustiness/sloppiness and improve day by day.
  6. LSUsupaFan

    LSUsupaFan Founding Member

    I was looking for a thread when IO got home last night, and was disappointed as well. I went to all three games in Orlando. We were at Disney world, and the arena was on the property. I talked to a lot of LSU fans at the park, but few even knew the basketball team was in town.

    Anyway, Two decent wins, and what will ultimately a good rpi loss isn't a bad trip.

    I continue to be impressed with Jordon Mickey. He wasn't as regarded as Martin, but has had more of an impact thus far, and may end up being the one and done. I think Martin is having a little trouble adjusting, but the skills are there.

    Also this. I have a massive man crush on Shavon Coleman. He may end up as my all time favorite LSU basketball player. Watch out Darnell Lazarre.
  7. LSUDad

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  8. lsudolemite

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    After the way they got Auburn'ed by UConn last night, they needed something to go their way.
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  9. TGer'nLHornLand

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    Yes, it was an interesting tournament. First, great that LSU got three non-conference games on the ESPN network over Thanksgiving break. Remember I often say that the line between winning and losing in college basketball is SO thin, and we forget that sometimes. Butler is a team that lost by only 2 to OSU and then to LSU in OT. LSU dominated an ok St. Joe's team, had Memphis on the ropes before letting them back into the game and then were lucky to survive to beat a scrappy Butler team in OT.

    So, consider LSU lucky that we finished 3rd in a decent non-conference tourney. Beat Memphis and take care of business, on the other hand, and we're likely getting some ranking votes. That said, ALL SEC teams, with the exception of Missouri, have 2 or more losses, and this is college basketball, where it's not just the W-Ls but who you are playing. With that, hopefully our fans start to realize that LSU is a team worth following (I will say the crowds in Orlando supporting the "other" teams LSU played always appeared to have more fans). Even as I look at the poll I threw up, it seems like LSU fans aren't all that excited about hoops just yet and still want CJJ to prove something this year.

    Not sure that playing ULM, TTU, McNeese State and UAB in December will do all that much to change that. Although, what we can say is if you like seeing talented ball players, go out and see this team. What is surprising as you say, supaFan, is that Jordan Mickey... where did this kid come from? Wow. He's been as consistent of a freshman as there's been at LSU in a while. Jarrell obviously had a set back with this early injury against UMass, but you can see him coming into his own. Most of his plays seem however to be designed slashes to the basket, putbacks or fast break points. Kudos though go to the "ole reliable" Shavon Coleman and to a lesser degree, Malik Morgan. This is a kid rumored to be transfering, and frankly, Morgan's numbers are up. It goes to show you that depth is important for any big time program, because you never know when you need a no. 2 to step up. Quarterman has looked good as a versatile athlete and a bigger guard for defense and length but has struggled offensively.

    There's still a little bit of concern on my part with the sloppiness and the offensive inefficiencies on this team, as well as the outright defensive pressure generated. Not to get too alarmed with a loss to a decent UMass squad and a ranked Memphis squad, but I think there is a lot of improvement yet to be had. Rebounding (and athletic talent perhaps) has sort of saved us... I still feel like the Tigers are a little too loose with the ball with JOB/Mikey/Hickey/Stringer, and there are too many silly turnovers. Secondly, while the Tigers have threatened to press and have the depth to create defensive pressure, I'm not sure teams are really all that bothered by LSU defense yet. It'll be interesting to see when we get into playing the SEC schedule, how much our talent is winning as opposed to our system/coaching. Our deficiencies like free throws, turnovers, and the ability to score when tightly guarded or get stops when needed against good teams are all factors as the season goes on.

    Current Stats:

    When you look at that "middle tier" of SEC comparables, I look to how Arkansas, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama and Texas A&M are doing. Arkansas lost to #11 Gonzaga. Ole Miss lost to #13 Oregon in OT. Tennessee and Texas A&M, however lost to 2 unranked teams each. Traditional folks in that mix, like Alabama (4-4, although one of those losses was to Duke) and Miss St (lost to Trent Johnson led TCU) appear wobbly. Missouri is looking surprising having beat UCLA and are undefeated. UK and UF will be there in the end. I think the near term for CJJ is keep preaching attention to detail with the guys and working out these rotations, giving our back-ups more time to improve. JOB has got to cut down on turnovers and up his FT%. I'll be watching how much more tight some of the defensive pressure and offensive efficiency improve against a softer schedule.
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  10. lsudolemite

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    These guys may become fun to watch in time, but goddamn are they sloppy. Not sure how much of this is the long hiatus and how much is their normal style of play so far.
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