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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by snorton938, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. snorton938

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    Feb 5, 2004
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    lsu is losing both peterman and reed......this offensive line was critical to mauck's success as qb last season.....who will replace them.....this offensive line was 1 or 2 last year in the sec.....i would rank it 1 above ole miss simply because ole miss did have a better qb.....
  2. geauxscott

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    Oct 24, 2002
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    I think they will be fine. We have some studs coming back in Wilkerson and Witworth, with good back ups that got a lot of playing time last year. (McGill, Livings, Niswanger)
  3. red55

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Whitworth and Wilkerson are potential All-Americans and will contend for national honors. There are several talented and experienced linemen capable of replacing Reed and Peterman. I predict Livings will return to tackle and take Reeds spot and that Niswanger will step into Petermans guard spot.

    Experienced reserves like Mc Gill, Wibel, Hodges, Dyakowski, Hurley, and Planchard will give the line adequate depth.

    Freshmen Johnson, Arnold, and Sevin have size and talent and may work their way into the mix.

    LSU will be big, fast, smart and strong on the offensive line next year.
  4. FortWorthTiger

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    Sep 28, 2003
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    O-Line is not an issue for next season. It will once again be one of the main strengths of our team. Wilkerson and Witworth are possible all-americans. Nate Livings was a starter before injury. Mcgill and Niswanger were hard to keep on the bench last season. Our depth will be young but talented. The ONLY issue for the 04 tigers will be youth (and immeasuable talent) at wideout, and a Qb (Senior or RS Frosh) who has yet to prove himself.
  5. cajdav1

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    Great posts, we will be very solid at the O-line postion and it will be the strength of our team heading into SEC play IMO. Center and left tackle are the 2 most important positions along the line and we have 2 of the best in the country. We are going to run the ball better next year than any other time in Saban's tenure I believe. we have the horses to pound the ball and the speed to run counters and traps with good backs that have the vision to find the hole. And they will all be able to go the distance. Jimbo is a master at playing to our strengths and I would expect to see us going over 300 yards on several occasions and setting up the passing game for many a big strike.
  6. Chipeace

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    Aug 13, 2002
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    Don't forget tight ends when evaluating the offensive line. Our tight end's are intergral to our blocking schemes. We lost Edwards, but Robinson, Jones, & Zinger are back.

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