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    Just got back from my kin folk's business. Always enjoy looking around in the break room there.

    He has a large framed picture of the 1982 (I think) LSU TIGERS. They are in the stands at the Orange Bowl for this picture. Wearing purple jerseys. There are four action pictures of their bowl game with Nebraska under the team picture. Gives me chill bumps and ya'll know I don't even like you guys. Picture is by the Baton Rouge Printing Co. btw. I have no idea if they would still have this picture available in their archieves.

    He has a large framed picture with a head shot of Jerry Stovall in the upper right hand corner. It is not taken by camera. But some artist is DAMN good. Shows #7 rolling out to pass. Shows one guy (I forget the #) with both hands above his head. One hand holds a football. He must have just scored. Shows a good shot of the defense making a gang tackle. (White jerseys)

    MY PERSONAL FAVORITE....It is an artistic picture. Shows like an air shot of Tiger Stadium....must be twenty five little boxes like you see used in the comics letting you know who says what. Each one has a face and some facts in it. Showing "where" in the stadium this occurred. Ex.- N. End Zone...Doug Moreau catches two point try to beat Ole Miss 11-10 1964. My apoliges to some poster here. I posted on it before. I was at that game. I thought it was Billy Trueax who caught it. Ex.- Billy Cannon starts his 89 yd run and shows a cartoon like player running. Ex.- South end zone goal line stands uses a brick wall in the end zone for effect...against Ole Miss 1959, Notre Dame 19XX, Texas A & M 19XX...,Ex.- Archie Manning playing with a cast on his arm is sacked by ??? for a safety, Ex. Carlos Carson catches five passes each for a td 19xx vs ???, Upper deck added 19??, end zone enclosed 19?? YOU GET THE IDEA............... This one was published by the ADVOCATE....Again......I have no idea if it would still be available in their archieves.

    If any of you check this out and have any success, please post so the rest of us might enjoy.....I need a copy for target practice!!!!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Y. A. Tittle almost has his pants pulled down as he returns an interception gainst Ole Miss on Nov. 1, 1947...LSU loses a possible touchdown and the final score is Ole Miss 20 LSU 18

    Oct. 22, 1949--LSU groundskeepers put too much water on the field at Tiger Stadium. North Carolina and "Choo Choo" Justice slide all around TS. LSU 13-7

    Nov. 4, 1972--South end zone---Brad Davis from Bert Jones......4 sec left on clock....LSU 17 OLE MISS 16

    Oct 25, 1969----On the first play of the game, LSU's Jimmy Gilbert throws a halfback pass for a td. LSU beats Auburn 21-20
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    and Happy Presidents Day to you ;)

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