LSU Receiver's stock improving every day

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    Here's a little article I wrote for my draft site about Devery. If anyone wants to point out anything I screwed up, go ahead :D

    LSU Receiver's Stock Improving Every Day

    What if I told you there was a wide receiver from a major college that was athletic, strong, runs the 40 yard dash somewhere around 4.3, runs like a running back after the catch and has good hands…. But he’s not Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, or even Reggie Williams. Give up yet? He’s LSU’s Devery Henderson, and he’s flying up the draft boards.

    I know a lot of you are thinking “Who the heck is Devery Henderson?” Some of you know him as the receiver of the now famous “Bluegrass Miracle” where he hauled in a 75 yard tipped hail mary pass in the last seconds against Kentucky in 2002 to win the game. That play won the 2002 ESPY award for “Play of the Year” and was replayed numerous times on many sports related shows.

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