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    Tailgating has become a part of college football all across the South, but at LSU, Tiger fans have turned it into an art form. LSU's research shows that over two-thirds of Tiger fans tailgate for five or more hours before every game, and many begin celebrating the great Tiger football experience more than 24 hours before the game.

    LSU encourages its fans to come to campus early and enjoy the great tradition of tailgating. LSU also encourages its fans to tailgate in a responsible manner, respectful of the campus and respectful of other Tiger fans and fans from visiting schools.

    For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please keep the following guidelines in mind when participating in the great tradition of tailgating at LSU football games:

    Please limit the distribution of food and drink to your party only. This is a matter of legal liability for everyone involved. Companies may not issue sample products without being properly licensed by the University. Food, drink, and other items may neither be sold nor given to the general public.
    Large industrial-size cookers present a safety hazard and are not allowed on campus.
    Portable generators are not allowed for safety reasons.
    Banners and signage recognizing businesses may not be displayed nor may promotional materials be distributed without prior approval by LSU. Only companies that have corporate sponsor agreements with LSU Athletics may display their signage. Companies interested in more information on this subject should contact the LSU Athletics Marketing Department at (225) 578-8001.
    Caterers must have proper parking permits to be admitted to private tailgate areas.
    As a courtesy to other fans, music should be confined to your tailgate area. Bands are not allowed to use University electrical facilities for amplification.
    When erecting tents for tailgating on game day, please be aware of the following guidelines:

    Tents should be no larger than 10' by 10'. Limited space is available near the Alex Box parking lot for larger tents, so please call the LSU Athletics Marketing & Promotions Office at (225) 578-8001 to reserve a space.
    Tents may be erected on game day only and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Please remember to take down your tent before you enter the game.
    Tents may not be erected under the oak trees on South Stadium Drive, along Nicholson Drive adjacent to the West Stadium parking lot, or on the perimeter of the LSU Athletic Administration Building and Skip Bertman Drive.
    Tents may not be erected in reserved parking spaces used for parking vehicles in public parking lots. Fans using a tent or canopy over the tailgate of a vehicle should keep travel lanes open for vehicle traffic.

    Found this on LSUSPORTS.NET. I did not know we had guidelines for tailgating.
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    Does that mean you're not supposed to offer a plate of jambalaya to a friendly stranger or a corndog to an Auburn fan?
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    yep, we have guidelines for EVERYTHING! This info is also printed in the Fan guide distributed with Season Tix.......

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