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    Wednesday, anyone going? I'll be there........
    Houston, TX
    Wednesday, May 14
    Tour Event Details

    Houston Touchdown Club

    Event Information
    • Head Football Coach Les Miles
    • Head Men's Basketball Coach Johnny Jones
    • Head Women's Basketball Coach Nikki Caldwell
    • Head LSU Gymnastics Coach DD Breaux
    • Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director Joe Alleva
    • J.W. Marriott
      • 5150 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77056
    • Doors Open at 11:00 a.m. Event begins at 12:00 p.m.
    • Lunch Served and Cash Bar
    • Special Events Areas include: TAF Silent Auction, L'Auberge Trivia Challenge and BancorpSouth Photo Area!
    Ticket Information
    • Individual Ticket ~ $50
    • Regular Table of 10 ~ $500
    • Bronze Table of 10 ~ $600
    • Silver Table of 10 ~ $1,000
    • Gold Table of 10 ~ $1,500
    • Platinum Table of 10 ~ $2,500

    To purchase tickets contact the Touchdown Club of Houston at (713) 849-9860 or e-mail [email protected].

    ** Platinum tables will be positioned closer to the stage followed by gold, silver, bronze and then regular. All premium tables (bronze and above) include names in the events paper program. Go to, and click on “seating chart” to see a seating layout of the LSU event**

    Notes about the Houston Touchdown Club –
    • Awarded approximately $180,00 in scholarships to more than 250 Greater Houston kids in the past 14 years
    • Donated nearly $180,000 in weight equipment to 36 Greater Houston high schools in the past eight years
    • Distributed excess cleats and tennis shoes from the Houston Texans to needy area high schools
    • Began the Senior Showcase with the Houston Texans and Houston ISD where more than 600 Greater Houston kids who previously had no football scholarships received more than $60 million in offers in the last six years.
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    At the Tiger Tour Luncheon with Les Miles.
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    Ok Folks, here's what I got.

    • Head Men's Basketball Coach Johnny Jones
    Talked about his liking to be at LSU, they showed film on the Missouri win and talk of next season. Ready to improve each year. He did mention the Ky win. I did get to talk with Johnny before everything started.

    • Head Women's Basketball Coach Nikki Caldwell
    Talked with Nikki before the program started, she also had some film on this past years games and players. She too is ready to make that next step.

    • Head LSU Gymnastics Coach DD Breaux
    DD is always fun to talk with, once again, I got a few minutes to talk with her before everything started. DD talked about the new Gymnastics Practice Facility, for more info:


    • Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director Joe Alleva
    Joe did a good job of covering a bunch of topics as always. He did show a time lapse film of the South Stadium construction, an said all will be ready for the first home game.

    F King Alexander, he also spoke of how much the Houston group helps the Tigers from their state. He talked about how once a student graduates from LSU, how much more the LSU education adds to their pay, in the top 1/3 in colleges. Talked about years into employment, how much more former LSU students make than other schools in the nation. He like where the school and athletic departments are headed in the coming years

    • Head Football Coach Les Miles
    Les as always, didn't have much to say................................Oh, j/k.

    Les as always did cover a number of topics. He likes the TE's Gordon and Stokes. He covered the WR on campus, with Travin and John Diarse.

    Already working the game plan for Wiscy.

    W/O Dupre to hit campus, talked about the kids speed and size.

    QB's had a great Spring and will build on that, also said he thought Harris might be the fastest of the group. When asked more by MC Gordy Rush, in Les fashion, he replied, "Absolutely Never!"

    He likes the speed at LB. Singled out Lamar Louis, Beck and Debo. He also said Beck with around a 4.5 speed for a guy his size.

    Talked a little about the LB coming in this years class and their speed at the position.

    Mills and Collins will both play Safety, both are fits there. Also brought up Thompson from the Tx area.

    Les did take a little jab at both a&m and ut. Nothing too bad.

    He did say a little about LF coming in and a guy with 10.6/ 100m speed, Les loves speed.

    Talked a little about the OL, he likes what we have there returning.

    Brought up the Nutrition Center for Student Athletes more on this one:


    Les also said that we lost a player to uga due to Athletic dorms, this is another thing they are working.

    He was on the stage longer than anyone, but had to run through a number of topics.

    The food and program was great.

    Side note: The Bengal Belles will have a Luncheon on Aug. 29 in Houston at the Westin Gallera Hotel. They will have a number of LSU speakers, along with Gold Medalist Carl Lewis. Also the Tiger Band will be in attendance. This is a kickoff Party before the Wiscy game the next day.
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    I thought Athletic dorms were history.
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    Same here Red, I'd like to see them again.
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    Me too

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