LSU/Tulane re-cap

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by lsucurlyq, Apr 11, 2002.

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    LSU vs Tulane in the dome, that was a great game. I talked to some of my friends that were fortunate enough to make the trip and they said it was incredible. Me, having to watch it on TV because of a math convention, was still energetic cheering the guys on.

    Aaron Hill, who by the way had a very productice night at the plate (i think he finially came all the way back) said, "The crowd was awesome, It's unbelievable to play in a place like this, and especially to be a part of something that's going to be history. We set a record that's going to stand for awhile."

    Bo Pettit put in a phenominal preformance last night out there, proving he could start Sundays as good as any other pitcher on the team. Clay Harris also turned in a good pitching preformance.

    At the plate...Oh my God... we have not hit three home runs in an inning since 1998. That fifth inning was when i think most LSU fans, and the team itself what talent they do have. Aaron Hill, 3-5 with 4

    Piching, hitting, one error (we're improving none the less), we had it all... well, yeah, almost all

    I can only hope, alone with the other baseball fans...that this huge win over our arch-rival will continue this momentum when we play Georgia this weekend at the Box.

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    A math convention? Boy, that sounds exciting!;) just kidding

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