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    It appears even Manning knows...

    ...the mystique of Death Valley. Archie is quoted as saying:"Most of all, I rmemeber the sound. As long as I played football, I don't remember anything like it - the sound inside Tiger Stadium when I ran out as a sophomore to play LSU."

    Archie hasn't played in Death Valley in over 30 years yet he still remembers how loud and intimidating it IS and WAS. Little Manning be wary Tiger Stadium is larger and louder than when your dad last visited in 1968 and we will be ready!! Death Valley still has all the mystique it held in '68!!
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    Re: It appears even Manning knows...

    Read Pete Finney this morning did you?:)
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    Re: Re: Eli this and Eli that?

    If we're going to talk about who we played.... first of all the 4 teams you beat (terrible ones) have a combined record of 4wins and 23 losses. The only somewhat decent teams youve played have handed yer coonasses to ya!!

    Rebs Roll!!

    Ole Miss 42
    LSWHO 21
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    i'm REALLLLLLLY sorry tiggers - thats 3 in a row in 'tigger' stadium

    YOU LOSE!!!

    and thats 4 outta 5!!!

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