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    Jul 15, 2002
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    Can't wait for the season to start. Like Illinois in the Sugar Bowl last year, I think LSU's team speed will be a problem for the Hokies.

    I just registered a few minutes ago and I think it will be fun to talk to you all. I graduated from LSU in 1983 and have been going to LSU football games since 1963, when I was 3. I think the tigers will win 9 games this year, but I'm hoping for more of course. I know Saban will have them ready.

    Speaking of Saban, I am SOOO glad he's our coach. With Emmert getting his raise, I think it will help keep Saban here for a long time, hopefully. And as long as Saban's here, watch out SEC. This guy's the real deal. Anybody out there who thinks the tigers are going to pull another "1990's" thing where we're good one year, awful the next is kidding themselves. THE SLEEPING GIANT HAS AWOKEN AND IS READY TO WREAK HAVOC ON THE SEC AND BCS!!!! The sky is the limit!!

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