LSU vs Ole Miss -- NCAA stats

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by red55, Nov 20, 2002.

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    This weeks NCAA rankings of 117 Division I-A schools

    Total Offense
    LSU = #89
    Miss = #68

    Passing Offense
    LSU = #106
    Miss = #22

    Rushing Offense
    LSU = #26
    Miss = #104

    Total Defense
    LSU = #4
    Miss = #42

    Passing Defense
    LSU = #2
    Miss = #26

    Rushing Defense
    LSU = #40
    Miss = #62

    Punt Returns
    LSU = #9
    Miss = #62

    Kickoff Returns
    LSU = #2
    Miss = #94

    If you go by stats... Ole Miss has the offense and LSU has the defense and kicking game. What do you make of the matchups, gang?
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    Oct 25, 2002
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    This is the one SEC game this year, that i have truly felt like the Tigers can just line up and pound the football without having to rely on the pass.

    On the other hand, i think we need to throw the ball for the sole reason, that we need to get in sync before the Arkansas game.
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    While our total defensive ranking is still impressive, I'd hate to see a graph of yards given up over the last three games. It must look like the NASDAQ in the late '90s. However, we're still highly ranked in pass defense, so hopefully we'll be able to limit Eli's production. We played well against J Lo, but UK had a much better running game than Ole Miss, so they ran a more balanced attack. I think the key for us will be shutting down Eli, yet staying at home to stop the inevitable draw play. Do you think Cutcliffe watched some film of Bama's last drive of the first half last week?

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