LSU vs Wisconsin, First Game, NRG Stadium

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUDad, Jul 17, 2014.

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    Just heard on radio that apparently there was an exhibition soccer match at NRG stadium last night with AC Milan and another team. They used a roll out field that was so bad it caused both teams to refuse to play (until they were finally talked into it).

    The Texans use real grass for their games made up of hundreds of square pallets that are transported into the stadium for each home game. Bill Belichek blasted the condition of the field when Welker blew out his knee a few years ago on a no-contact cut. This process has been questioned for years by Houston talk shows.

    What type of field is planned for the LSU game. I don't want my shiny Buga that still has the new car smell to hit a big pot hole the first time we go out for a drive.

    Also, is it correct to assume that the roof will be closed? Or could it be opened since its a night game if weather is good and no heat wave?
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  2. LSUDad

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    Word is, the roof will be closed
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    They bitch about player safety as long as it's $100M quarterbacks and diva long as they can collect fines from millionaires....but when it's an issue of real player safety on a loose field they could give a fuck as long as asses are in the seats. The people responsible will never be held accountable for injuries related to bad equipment/facilities as long as money is deemed nĂºmero uno.
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    Is it bad that I'm tempted to throw $100 or so on this game? I have 0 doubts that we win and win by double digits.
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    Haven't looked into how they do the field at Reliant @b_leblanc but I remember that Phoenix Stadium they have the entire field on some platform that they move outside to get sun.

    Interesting topic.
  6. lsutiga

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    Dam. How much you put when you're concerned? ;)

    Don't do it though. We'll win by 3 and you'll never see it as a win. It will also ruin your weekend EVEN THOUGH we won.
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    Did a little research on it, a Texans punter sued the stadium are a bad injury from his foot getting caught in a seam. In addition to Belicheck complaining many others have complained about the seams, uneven topography, softness of the turf & how it disintegrates during the game. Even Texans players have complained often.

    However I also found a few articles staying that only NFL will use that turf while other games will be played on a synthetic field. Couldn't find anything on the LSU game.
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    Remember Wendell Davis? Tommy Hodson's favorite receiver from the 80's. He blew out both knees and ended his career with the Bears in a game against the Eagles at the old Veteran's Stadium in Philadelphia. The turf there was so bad that one time the then coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Brian Billick, refused to put his team on the field and an exhibition game had to be cancelled. As bad as I want to see Leonard Fournette play maybe Miles should hold him out of this one.
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    The Texans play the Thursday Night before LSU plays Wiskey. Gonna see the same field, is my guess.
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    cajdav1 Soldiers are real hero's

    I remember that happening to Davis, what a shame. However, Les can't hold one player and pit all others at risk, it would not be fair. Now of someone was having some trouble with their joints, knees, etc than I could understand it.
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