LSU vs Wisconsin, First Game, NRG Stadium

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSUDad, Jul 17, 2014.

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    I know that. Its just something else to worry about. ESPN's Travis Haney has named Fournette #2 on his list of Top 50 Breakout Players of 2014. He has Florida State transfer to Alabama QB Jake Coker at #1

    2. Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU Tigers

    There's a certain risk with assigning a true freshman this high of a spot, but spend a few minutes with LSU's players and coaches and you get the sense that Fournette isn't your average 19-year-old.

    Then again, with the program's high volume of early departures for the NFL, coach Les Miles expects that of every first-year player who walks in the door at Baton Rouge. He actually encourages early participation.

    "We don't say, 'You're just a freshman,'" Miles told me a couple of weeks ago. "Our culture is that you should start. We don't care what class you are. Then we say just starting isn't good enough. We want growth through teaching."

    Miles has said Fournette, RecruitingNation's No. 1 overall prospect in 2014, has a Michael Jordan-like desire to be special. Teammates compare his frame -- 6-1, 230 pounds -- to what Adrian Peterson must have looked like as a freshman at Oklahoma.

    Miller Safrit/ESPNFournette, a true freshman, is drawing athletic comparisons to Adrian Peterson.

    That is an insane name to link to a kid who doesn't yet have a college carry. So what's a reasonable reality? Kenny Hilliard and Terrence Magee are seniors who combined for 154 carries a year ago. It's safe to assume that, to start the season, second-year offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will lean on experience while working in Fournette. But with Jeremy Hill (203 carries) gone, the chance for Fournette to be a regular option -- and maybe even the No. 1 back -- certainly exists.

    Miles isn't tamping down expectations for LSU, or Fournette.

    "We recruit really good players," he said. "If we can get them on the same page and operating well, I don't ever see why we can't play well in a season that leads to a championship."
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    I normally don't bet on my teams for the reason you said. If we don't cover even a win won't be a win. But I have 0 doubts right now. I KNOW we will win and win big.
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    Where are you sitting for the game? We are in section 131. I need to get a couple more tickets, just want to know where more Tiger fans are sitting. Thanks.
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    I'm in the rafters. 623, i think. endzone. i have tix to auburn for $100 so i didn't want to spend another $100 for this one. i went cheapo
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    At least 2 more, then give me a call. Or like I said, at least 1 more if you want to take the H man with you. He PROUDLY sports his LSU gear as often as possible here in Sooner country and holds his own. Love that kid and he LOVES him some Tigers!
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    Both teams will have powerful offensive lines and suspect defensive lines. Big holes will be created. Quarterbacks will get six seconds in the pocket. Pulling guards will flatten safeties. CFN said that this game will be like offensive line porn.
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    Please Red, "olp" --- That's a hard concept to deal with and I have a queasy stomach after reading your post, but I must admit, even with the stomach, I can't help but to laugh.
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    I think our young DB's and defensive line steps up after struggling early last year they seemed to finish stronger. I predict a much improved defense. I think our offensive line takes control and it's ground and pound Miles 101. Tigers by 12.

    Watching it from home this year, not a big fan of a weekend in Houston.
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    I'll be flying in Friday. Can't wait.
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