LSU vs Wisconsin game thread

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by northernvatiger, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    We're not exactly blowing their defense off the ball, are we?
  2. Bengal Buddy

    Bengal Buddy Veteran Member

    Where is that great offensive line we were supposed to have?
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  3. lsu_dane

    lsu_dane Veteran Member

    I don't understand how this is so confusing for someone like Miles. He had to know they were going to stack the box and force LSU to throw. Shouldn't the gameplan have been to take advantage of that?
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  4. mctiger

    mctiger Kenny HIlliard, Beast Staff Member

    Jeez, back to back crappy punts from Keehn
  5. lsu_dane

    lsu_dane Veteran Member

    Our whole team looks like sh*t.
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  6. COTiger

    COTiger 2010 Bowl Pick 'Em Champ

    It can only get better. This isn't looking good.
  7. LSUpride123

    LSUpride123 Boobies make everything A OK!!!

    You dont abandon the run on the 2nd drive.

    They WILL wear down.......
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  8. Tiger in NC

    Tiger in NC Senior Member

    Jesus, what do we have to do to get a freaking break!
  9. northernvatiger

    northernvatiger Founding Member

    And a crappy punt, only 19 yards.
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  10. TwistedTiger

    TwistedTiger Founding Member

    O line looks like sheet! And so does Jennings! AND THE ENTIRE DEFENSE! Come on Tigers, let's get it going!
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