LSU vs Wisconsin, Sept 25, 1971

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    The first time that LSU played Wisconsin was on Sept 25, 1971 in Madison and I was lucky enough to have played in that game. Not too many people today realize the historical significance of that contest. This was the first regular season game that LSU ever played against a team from the north. It was also the last all white team for LSU. To be fair, it is shame that LSU was one of the last college football teams to integrate. Just about every player on the LSU team had been playing since high school with black players and it was a non-issue for the players. But it was a very big issue in Wisconsin. At that time, with Viet Nam and other protests against the government, there was an even larger divide between the left and the right than there is today, as hard as that is to believe. And Madison, Wisconsin was the epicenter of liberal thinking. The press had been raking us over the coals for being a racist team for about 2 weeks prior to the game. The school newspaper had been especially brutal in the condemnation of our “racist team”. Needless to say by game time their fans had been whipped into a frenzy. Camp Randall Stadium was a huge stadium (+/- 90,000) and it was full. When we entered the field the booing rivaled Tiger Stadium at its loudest. We were also pelted with trash, drinks, and curses. The coaches told us to not remove our helmets. We didn’t need the warning. The game was a very competitive and hard fought contest that went back and forth. We were playing two quarterbacks that season, Bert Jones and Paul Lyons. Paul had probably his best performance as a Tiger and we prevailed 38-28. The exit from the field was even more treacherous than the entry. It included numerous whiskey bottles and other objects that could have caused serious damage. It was a very surreal experience that I will never forget.
    PS – The only other time that LSU played Wisconsin was the following year in Tiger Stadium. LSU won that game 27-7.
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    Thank you very much for the insight, I'm so appreciative.

    Bet you have some great thoughts & insight to the Jones/Lyons debate.
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    Bert Jones was a great passing QB and Paul Lyons was a great option QB. A nightmare for opposing defenses to prepare for.
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    Wow, I had no idea that ever happened. What a great story, than you @Randy70 and please share more stories!!!

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