Maisel: Landry brings talent, leadership to LSU defense

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by red55, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Landry brings talent, leadership to LSU defense

    "There aren't many freshmen anywhere in Division I-A who can arrive on campus and start. For most of them, just getting from class to dorm to locker room is a good day. Free safety LaRon Landry not only proved himself good enough to start as a freshman but also started 10 games for the LSU team that won the 2003 national championship."
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    the thing that gets overlooked about LaRon is just how much he has grown up as a person...

    They were in SL's district, and his senior year, we were stomping them (their only loss of the season), and he got ejected for kicking one of our defensive linemen in the head after a play.

    Seems like he has grown up 100 fold since those days, as he is now the leader of a fine university's football team! :)
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    Nice article. Is Maisel suddenly a genius instead of a pencil-neck retard? :lol:

    And I just can't help myself... does anyone think Maisel will be getting a bunch of emails from outraged USC fans over the phrase the LSU team that won the 2003 national championship? I bet not, actually, but if the reverse were true... :angryfire

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