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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Sourdoughman, Apr 1, 2004.

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    They were talking about the incident in Fallujah.
    All she could do was attack the Bush administration and talk about lack of equipment and troops in Iraq.

    She said the administration said that it would be shock and awe a couple of weeks and the war would be over and everyone could come home.
    She said the president is tough but she isn't sure he is tough and right.

    She couldn't answer this question all she could do was bash the

    She was asked, How do you support Kerry when he voted against the money to send more troops and supplies to Iraq.
    She said he voted against taking it out of the deficit, voted to cut back the tax relief to the wealthiest Americans while the rest of us pick up the cost of
    the war.
    She said that she isn't saying the previous Admin was perfect.

    I notice that she didn't mention Clinton and that she attacked the Bush Administration about 30 times in 10 minutes and mentioned the previous
    administration once.

    They asked when will we see punishment in Iraq for the people arrested and finally they got here to say this:

    I'm sure our generals are capable of dishing out that punishment, our guys are doing miraculous work over there in very difficult circumstances and congress needs to stay united behind them and we are supporting our troops
    but we need to start making some correct decisions and leveling with the American people and I hope the president will do that...

    I don't know how people like this get elected but she sounds like a sheep without a sheppard.
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    Typical armchair quarterbacking from another Democrat! When are the people of this state going to catch on to Mary's game? She talks big about being "conservative" and "working with the President" only in an election year; then when she makes it back to Washington it's business as usual, taking her marching orders from Hillary and Teddy.

    As for Fallujah, I'm not going to lose much sleep over it and neither should ya'll. Yes, what happened was barbaric and yes, those animals must pay. They will in due time. Keep this in mind; Fallujah is the most pro-Hussein, Baath town in the most pro-Hussein, Baath part of the Sunni Triangle. Most of the young, angry punks who took part in this mob and who spend their time skulking in the shadows, popping out just long enough to take a pot shot at some of our boys, are former Baath Party goons and the sons of former or recently departed from this Earth Baath Party goons, who know that as soon as the Shi'ites and Kurds get power in Iraq, their fate as sealed. Payback for forty years of torture, murder, and being treated as sub-human is coming fast and hard for Fallujah. The new Iraqi Democracy will preserve the facade of a "big tent" just long enough for the international community to look the other way, then the gloves will come off and the Sunni Triangle will be introduced to the new political reality in Iraq. Don't be surprised if the Kurds and Shi'ites get together, decide to have a referendum on whether or not to execute all Baathists and their families, and it passes. They'll say, "Hey, democracy in action. Majority rules, you lost. Lock n' load!" Now, it probably won't be that extreme, but the new Iraqi government will not tolerate this kind of crap, and their leaders, most of whom lost at least one extended family member to the Hussein regime, will not be as willing as we are to handle these thugs humanely. They will want to make sure the Baath Party has ZERO chance of ever returning to power, and if that means pacifying Fallujah forcefully, so be it.

    If we do it for them, fine. But if the world is going to moan and scream about "American brutality in Iraq" over it, it's not worth the PR hit. Just let the Iraqis handle it after we're gone.

    Either way, the day of reckoning for the genocidal, terrorist animals of Fallujah is near.
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    I voted for her...and the reason I did it is because the alternative was a woman who stood up and literally lied about her "fight" to abolish her statewide elected office...

    I voted for her...and the reason I did it is because the alternative was a woman who stood up and literally said she would vote HOWEVER George W. Bush told her to vote...

    I voted for her...and the reason I did it is because George W. Bush's every decision won't always be the best decision for this state, and that's what I'm worried about when I think of what I want in a politician sent FROM THIS STATE to Washington...NOT how many times she'll lockstep with a President who won't always be kind to our state.

    My vote was for my state, and if you voted for Suzanne Haik Terrell, you voted for a liar who is a coattailer who was a coward in the face of stating an agenda and going to Washington to fight for what LOUISIANA needs.

    Landrieu does not share my beliefs politically on a national level. Thankfully, what happens on a national level for the most part cannot compare to what we as citizens can effect as far as CHANGE IN OUR LIVES VIA OUR GOVERNMENT FOR THE BETTER, and as such, her bitter, misdirected missive towards the Bush Administration is admissable when one thinks about what she HAS done for the state.

    The Millenium Port, the proposed Cargo Airport, the BILLIONS for Coastal Restoration, and the funds for repairing LA1 are just some of the projects she's HEAVILY involved in, and I apologize, but I heard not one PEEP out of Terrell on ANY of those subjects.

    I even called Terrell's office, and quizzed them on these subjects, as well as strawberry farmers and sugar cane farmer's plights, and their opposition to the Bush Administration's tarrif proposals. Proposals of an Administration that Terrell said publicly at EVERY STEP she would back 100%.

    I got stammering answers, quizzical responses, double talk, and totally meaningless diatribes. It eroded the last SHREDS of credibility for the campaign for me, and her blabbing about her abolition of her position in the state government literally caused the bile to bubble up into my throat.

    Anyone who keeps up with the capital knows that there was no bigger adversary to abolishing the Commissioner of Elections than The Commissioner of Elections herself...

    It STILL sickens me that she rose to that high of esteem in comparison to other Republican leaders that were running...

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