Maryland's Gubernatorial Debate

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    The candidates for Governor of Maryland are moderate Republican House Member Bob Erlich and far-left Lieutenant Governor Kathleen KENNEDY-townsend. For those not familiar, Kathleen is from the same stock as "America's Whore" Jackie Oooooooooo. A lively and informative debate took place this week and one subject that came up was racial preferences. As the Washington Post reported on their website....

    "She ("America's Whore" relative Kathleen) also expressed disdain for his (moderate Republican Erlich) comments on how he and Steele are reaching out to black voters, and she highlighted his votes in favor of basing affirmative action programs on economic circumstance rather than race or ethnicity.

    "He opposes affirmative action based on race," she said. "Well, let me tell you, slavery was based on race. Lynching was based on race. Discrimination is based on race. Jim Crow was based on race. And affirmative action should be based on race."

    Thank you Ms. KENNEDY-townsend for letting us know that affirmative action (aka racial preferences) are part of anti-lynching legislation! Seems moderate Mr. Erlich believes that such policies should be designed to allow non-Kennedy's and others without the benefit of attending St. Albans or any other private school to attend college regardless of race, while you believe these "policies" are strictly for the lowly negro.

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