Mass Media and "Peer Pressure"

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by RedElephants, Dec 29, 2008.

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    The world of recruiting is advanced as ever. The effect of mass media plays a huge role. It gives the average fan to the most hardcore fan optimism. :hihi: All of us disect every word that comes out of these young players mouths and try to twist it into something good for our teams.

    The coaches used to do 100% of the recruiting but now these kids go to so many camps and all star games, end up exchanging numbers, and they recruit each other. The last year this was a major factor was when Tebow was being recruited by Florida. This guy pushed just as hard as the coaches to lure big name stars to come play with him.

    I think that parity in college football has just begun. It's getting much more compeditive all around the nation and even the gimmie games you think you may have on your schedule may turn out to be close, heartbreaking, or even embarrassing.

    Isn't college football great!!! :) :thumb:
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    I'll second that post.

    College Football is the greatest sport on Earth.

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