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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by uscpuke, Feb 3, 2004.

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    Now that Hill is gone I want to find out more about this kid. I looked up his profile on and it looks like he could be a stud as a starter.
    Not that it matters, but how highly recruited was this kid coming out of high school? Is he a 4-5 star guy or someone who Saban saw potential in? Just curious.
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    Melvin Oliver was a high school teammate of super recruit and uber-linebacker LaMarcus Rowell in Opelika...

    I talked to Rowell on more than a few occassions during the recruiting process, and his coach as well. They all made mention that the Oliver signing would be a bit of a package deal, though their coach was a HUGE Auburn fan.

    Oliver was the less heralded, but Lamarcus did a WHALE of a job selling him to me, at least...

    LaMarcus, incidentally, ended up at Auburn, and got screwed out of his true frosh season at Auburn via the NC Double A$$holes. There was an academic discrepancy that his mother cleared up before he ever reported, but the NCAA drug its heels so long, he had to redshirt and was initially a Prop 48'er.

    The NCAA realized its mistake, and in a rare act of contrition, the Association gave Rowell his year back, granted him an extra year of eligibility, and allowed him to play in the bowl game of his frosh year without losing his eligibility. It was a pretty big mistake.

    Rowell hasn't seen much playing time because of Carlos Dansby and the other talent at linebacker, but you should see this guy as a RS Sophomore next year...He'll play, and he'll be a player...Saban wanted him BIGTIME...

    Interestingly enough, they told him that they would let him rush the QB if he came to BR...ala a Kirston Pittman or a Jeremy Lawrence, playing that "Rabbit" position in Saban's defense on passing downs...

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