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    Coach Johnny Jones has been so prolific in his recruiting, that I've got to actually combine two class years in one new hoops recruiting thread. What we know is 2015 maybe a small, but very picky class, unless we see some unusual attrition. 2016 opens up to larger class. We also see a re-emergence of LA recruits in the spotlight...

    Folks already know about superstar Australian recruit, Ben Simmons (2015, 6'10" SF/PF), who has committed early to LSU. This top 5 player in the class of 2015 is truly an amazing versatile talent, who can impact the game in the down low, slashing, fast-break and outside shooting arena.

    Another player in the same league is Malik Newman from MS who will be pursued by all of the big boys, and considered a long shot for the Tigers:

    Players to watch locally in 2015 though include Brandon Sampson (6'4" SG, who will have a lot of Big12/SEC attention), another Madison Prep product, and Chad Lott (6'3" PG) from Shreveport.

    In class 2016, Jones got a very early commitment from Skylar Mays, a teammate at U-High of his son's. Very solid, heady, true point guard who has some decent size (6'1" 176) already and shows a maturity beyond his years. Likely to be at least a 4* when it's all said and done.

    The other 2016 targets appear to be bigs, seriously talented forwards from Florida (Juwan Durham, 6'9" 190) and Tennessee (Braxton Blackwell, 6'8" 215). Things are pretty preliminary obviously, but the fact that LSU in the mix for many 4* and 5* players tells you how well Coach Jones has moved the program in the recruiting sense.

    This is just the thread-kick off and I'm sure Mr.Green and others can add more. But from where I sit. LSU continues to be "Forward U" with the likes of Bass, Davis, Thomas, Swift, when they bring on kids like Jarrell Martin, Jordan Mickey, Aaron Epps and Ben Simmons. The focus should be on locking up some quality guards to go along these very nicely developing frontlines. Mays is a great start, as we haven't signed a top notch local PG in a while. Getting some of these talented guard scorers will be key for Jones' staff in the coming classes. Getting smart, talented guards to succeed our JUCO/transfer elder classmen, Hornsby and Gray, will be crucial.
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    Alex Owens a 6'8 240 pound 4 star PF from Orlando listed LSU as his leader...kid is a beast, average athlete but attacks the rim hard, has good footwork, can pass really well for a big man and has a nice post game but also can get out and run on the break...

    Owens high school teamate Antonio Blankeney a 4 star 6'4 SG is also considering LSU and plays on a traveling team with Ben Simmons... kid is a serious athlete and attacks the basket well...
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    Side note Deng Deng one time LSU is considered a top ten juco...Deng had an official visit at LSU This past friday but choose Baylor earlier today...the point is CJJ is not yet done with the 2014 class which means somebody's gotta go! My money's on Bridgewater but thete is also a rumor that Tim Quaterman is thinking about transferring
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    Thanks for all the good info. Keep it up!
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    Don't know if this was posted or not, but apparently not all is done on the recruiting front. CJJ is talking to a Providence transfer by the name of Josh Fortune.

    Would be another transfer in the pattern of Keith Hornsby. Would sit out a year and then be eligible for two. But, would be a 6'5" mature guard to come in and play with the likes of Ben Simmons as a FROSH. Also paves the way to continue recruiting 2015-16 HS guards, who want the mentorship and compete with upperclassmen. The Jones/Patrick recruiting system never sleeps, and is smart. Don't rely only on inexperienced kids that are talented, mix in the players that have played in some big time situations in college, but want to take the time to mature in the LSU system. I am very excited by what a Gray and Hornsby will bring this year.... I think Martin and Mickey will be wanting to make their names for a jump to the NBA after their SO years, but this season will be coming down to the progress and immediate impact (or not) of our new guards.
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    Tigernhorned you are the man! I've been out of it for awhile just really busy the last few months but here is a quick rundown of who we are recruiting.

    Everyone knows Ben Simmons 5 star PF/SF 6'8 LSU commit...Has recently moved up in several recruiting services as the #1 recruit

    Malik Newman 5 star 6'3 SG from MS...Most people think he's going to UK but I've herd few rumors that Simmons has been in his ear...Newman is a scorer, not real flashy but can shoot and get to the rim

    Deng Adel 5 star 6'7 SF from Australia... When he came to the states he was listed as a 3 star prospect and two weeks later he had five stars. Adel is really long and attacks the basket like it stole something from him. He is said to be a Louisville lean but Coach Patrick is in his ear.

    Antonio Blakeney 5 star 6'4 SG from Florida... Super athletic, can get to the rim shoots well and has good enough vision to play a lil PG... Not sure who's his leader but he's played on a few teams with Simmons and one of his high school teammates (Alex Owens) is a bigtime LSU lean.

    Brandon Sampson 4 star 6'5 SG from Baton Rouge...Played with current Tiger Jarrell Martin. It's seems as if scouts love him or hate him. What I've read about him this summer has all bee positive and a lot seem to think he has improved a lot. He says his recruitment is wide open, recently set a visit to Cal but I think the only way he's not a Tiger is if we pick up a commitment from a higher profile SG.

    Alex Owens 3/4 star 6'8 PF from Florida... Like I said earlier he is a huge LSU lean. He's been seen at Tournament with LSU gear and he's made a few twitter statements Like guess I'm going to be hanging out with Boosie (Baton Rouge rapper). Alex Owens has a lot of JOB in him. From watching his highlights JOB may have the athletic edge but Owens has a better motor and plays with more enthusiasm...

    Melvin Frazier 3 star 6'6 SF/PF from Louisiana...was once rated a 4 star is long and athletic but the knock on Frazier is that he's a PF trapped in a SF body...I say if he can be a Shavon Colman type player bring him on

    Chad Lott 3 star 6'3 SG form Louisiana... The guys from Louisiana outside of Sampson fall in the same category of it would be nice to have them if we cant get anyone better. Everything I've read and seen about Lott gives you the impression that he's a solid player and every team needs a few solid players but do you check out the great players first then go after solid????

    Jacob Evans 3 star 6'6 SF/PG from Louisiana...As of late Evans is picking up steam. Seems as tho he has done well this summer and his recruiting is picking up. There is not a lot out about hime but what I've read is that he attacks the basket well has above avg passing skills and he doesn't force things, lets the game come to him...
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    A few Highlights
    Brandon Sampson

    Deng Adel

    Malik Newman

    Jacob Evans (not much)

    Chad Lott (warning this highlight could have been 3 min long but whoever put it together had fun with the rewind and slowmo function)

    Melvin Frazier
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    Awesome, Mr. Green. Thanks as always for the nifty Youtube clips. Here's my quick take looking at the tape. We all know we have a kingpin of the 2015 class, with Ben Simmons, so the question is who do you put around him, and who wants to play with him? Clearly, the goal is to find a shooter/scorer on the wing, a SG and/or a SF, because you can never have too many scorers/athletic defenders on the wing in today's basketball, especially to defend. Frankly, I wasn't super high on Malik Newman until I saw the video. Just talk about a mature body and an aggressive to the hoop guy--he probably gets his pub on his raw physicality and ability to score going to the hoop. Brandon Sampson clearly is our most realistic target, being from LA, but he's being courted by all of the SEC schools, and the "Simmons" factor is the unknown (i.e., who from Simmons' teams might reciprocate interest in LSU). Funny, I don't see him as 6'5", more in that 6'3" range. More of a refined perimeter player that has to grow physically and doesn't wow you with his athleticism, but he's more of your pure shooter. I think the big question mark seems to be that... which domino is going to fall at SG. Let's not leave out Lott... I see him more as a combo PG/SG, if we needed that depth behind Gray/Quarterman. His tape wasn't too bad, alot of penetration, shooting, despite maybe average to slightly above average athleticism. I frankly think he's a very underrated guy who could develop, but due to higher ranked fish, he likely is in wait and see mode. The guy that intrigues me is Melvin Frazier. Hadn't heard alot about him, but I like his tape. Look what it shows is that he's a fluid, good athlete on the wing. Most of the shots are of him in close, but he's got good athleticism and fluidity. Don't know if he can shoot, but he looks the part of a SEC SF. Question becomes, of course, that Ben Simmons is probably a SF trapped in a PF's body (which is a good thing)! So, do you spend an offer on a kid that likely duplicates that SF spot? I think if Simmons is your cornerstone, you're looking for guys who can reliably hit spot up 3s around him, and bangers down low to take the pressure off Simmons playing in the middle. I'm a little torn though because you'd like to see some LA kids get offers and come to LSU. Given the above, the emphasis is on Brandon Sampson who is likely your best jump shooter, unless a Blakeney or Newman really wants to team with Simmons. I'd love to see a big body (and by that I mean a wide one) join the frontline, Alex Owens, would fit the bill here--he does remind me a lot of JOBIII. Interestingly on Owens, he had committed to UCF and then went open again. Some really think he likes LSU, but many folks do not have LSU on his list: I'll believe his interest when he comes for an official. I'd say let's also really go after Melvin Frazier. I just like his build and body, and frankly, Simmons will only be here a year. He's a LA kid that shouldn't leave LSU to play at another SEC school--he actually reminds me a little of Jordan Mickey but thinner and more perimeter slasher--and Mickey turned out to be the steal of last year's class.

    Also, just to round out the issue. Josh Fortune has transferred to Colorado. Announced a few days ago...
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    Noah Dickerson, highly rated PF (6-7/8". 240 ish), out of Atlanta GA tweets receiving an offer from LSU. This one time commit to Georgetown, reopened his recruitment at the end of June. He also teams with Ben Simmons at Montverde Academy, after moving out of Atlanta in January to attend the prep school, over the likes of Oak Hill. He's been gaining kudos for his summer play, and LSU is now in the picture (along with a bunch of other schools of course).

    How serious he is about LSU is the question. Although, the kid plays day in and out against Simmons in practice, and talked about it when he made the move to Montverde. Doesn't hurt to try, right? :)
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    Great write up in Sports Illustrated by Seth Davis on Ben Simmons, who if you're not following basketball recruiting has likely moved up as the number one recruit in the 2015 class this summer.

    Since when has LSU been in the picture for THE number one basketball recruit? Goes back to Shaq and Chris Jackson days, I believe. It's significant in itself, and the college basketball pundits are noticing.

    Gotta back up the growing hype with production, though....

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